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Herkunft des Familiennamens Hodges, Herkunftsland: England

Adelsstand: Lords - Nobles
Heraldik die Familie: Hodges
Krone des Adels Hodges The name 'Hodges' originates from England. It is derived from the medieval name 'Hodge' a pet form of 'Roger'. It is also derived from the Middle English word 'hodge' meaning hog in itself a nickname, which occurs as a dialect. Variants 'Hodge', 'Hod(g)eson', 'Hodgshon'. Compiled information from Historical and Private archive's has confirmed that the name 'Hodges' and or it's variant's, dates as far back as the 14th century were a 'Johannes Hodgeson', from Yorkshire, England, is recorded in 1379. The exact period of settlement in North America has not been definately determined but Information extracted from Public and Civil ... Fortsetzung folgtregistry archive's confirm that one of the first settlers was a certain 'Giles Hodges', aged 28, a glover by trade, from London, England, emigrated to North America in 1774. He sailed from the Port of London aboard the ship named the 'Chance' on the 2nd of January 1774, arriving in Philadelphia on the 9th of January 1774, where he served as an indentured servant. 'Hodges' is the '402nd' most common surname in North America.
Bibliography: Irish Names and Surnames by Rev.Patrick Woulfe. -Emigrants from England to the American Colonies 1773-1776 by Peter Wilson Coldham. - Burke's American Families the genological publishing company. - A Dictionary of Surnames by Hanks and Hodges
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Sable, three crescents or, on a canton gules a ducal coronet of the second.

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