Coats of Arms and Blazons only

Professional research, production and printing of the family Coat of Arms including Heraldic external ornaments‎ such as mantling, crests, supporter etc., title, crown and description. The colors are consistent with the rules of heraldry. Please note that the product does not include the family history.

3 copies of the coat of arms of Your Surname printed in large

Art.1057 - Stemma Grand'Amalfitano Oro
Price: 230.00 € (249.00 €  -7.63%)
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  • Prints Caravaggio format (mm 297 × 420 - inches 11.69 x 16,54)
  • Professional Printing on Precious Paper
  • Quality paper hand made by Antica Cartiera Amalfitana
  • Filigree Anchor
  • Natural wood frames painted in gold (49.0 x 62.0 cm - 19.3 x 24.4 inches)
  • Coats of Arms and Blazons only
  • Production time 8-10 working days
  • Translation: Italiano - English

- This product is supplied in three copies.
- One of the copies will be supplied with wooden frame painted in gold as shown.

Printed on a large sheets of 170 gr/mq, for this refined product we use high quality paper, hand made by Antica Cartiera Amalfitana. For printing we use Heraldic Professional High Quality colors.

The sheet is characterized by a delicate fringing on the edge, typical of hand made product, for the entire perimeter. Printed on three pages.

  • I ° SHEET: Family Coat of Arms with, title, mantling or lambrequins, supports, crown, crest and description.
  • With this article we provide:

    3 pages - 1 frame - The coat of arms, the title/s, the crown and the crest and description.;

    Notice: for this product search on last name is not expected. Comes ONLY the Coat of Arms as described above.


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