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Origin of last name Ralda, country of origin: Italia

Nobility: Nobles
Heraldic trace of family: Ralda
Nobility crown Ralda Ancient and noble family from Rome, known as Ralda or Nalda, of clear ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. According to what has been handed down, the family was definitely between those collected in the Golden Book of Rome, now lost because of the malevolent effects of time. Moreover, this House, in all ages, always stood out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal and ecclesiastical professions and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: Leone, landowner, flourishing in Rome, in 1503; Patrizio, doctor in "utroque jure", flourishing in Rome, in 1532; Federico, captain of arms, flourishing in Rome, in 1544; Fr Luigi, of the Order of Minors Reformed, flourishing in Sora, in 1559; Alessandro, doctor in "utroque jure", flourishing in Rome, in 1563; Gio. Batta, doctor in Sacred Theology, flourishing... To be continued

in Rome, in 1576; Camillo, doctor in "utroque jure", flourishing in Rome, in 1589; Antonio Maria, papal guard, flourishing in 1604; Giacomo Maria, jurist, flourishing in Urbino, in 1617; Agostino, papal guard, flourishing in 1628; Benedetto, jurisconsult, living in Rome, in 1633; Giovanni, notary in Rome, flourishing in 1641; Luigi Alessandro, landowner, flourishing in 1659; Nicola, notary of the Sacred Roman Rota, living in 1692; Tommaso, doctor in "utroque jure", living in Rome, in 1711; Giacomo, notary, living in Rome, in 1723; Fr Francesco, Jesuit, living in 1739. From the analysis of colours and symbols of the coat of arms we can have more information about the family virtues. 1) The tincture red (gules) is symbol of strength, power, fervent love for God and neighbour; the tower is the emblem of grandeur and society, and has been granted sometimes to one who has faithfully held one for his king, or who has captured one by force or strategy; the pennon is the flag of the knight bachelor; the tincture azure symbolizes water, the continuity of life, it is a colour of nobility, beauty, chastity and fidelity; the star, whose enamel is particularly gold, is widely used in heraldry to symbolize safe driving or aspiration to higher things. 2) The tincture gules ("red") is symbol of strength and power but also fervent love for God; green ("vert") is symbol of hope, joy, and loyalty in love; the tincture azure symbolizes water, the continuity of life, it is a colour of nobility, beauty, chastity and fidelity; the arm vested is a symbol of high military rank; the argent symbolizes purity, tenderness, temperance, mercy, kindness, the desire to win and the talent of eloquence. Family names so old, without any doubt honour not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.

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Coat of Arms of family: Ralda

Coat of Arms of family Ralda

1 Blazon of family Ralda

Gules, a tower proper, port-holes and gate sable, with a pennon argent standing upon the top, on a chief azure charged with three stars of five points, or.

Source: "Archivio Storico" of Heraldrys Institute of Rome.

Coat of Arms of family Ralda

2 Blazon of family Ralda

Quarterly; 1. paly of six, gules and vert; 2. and 3. azure, a sinister arm vested gules and argent, hand proper; 4. paly of six, vert and gules.

Ralda or Nalda from Rome. Sources: "Archivio Storico" of Heraldrys Institute of Rome; "Dizionario storico blasonico delle famiglie nobili e notabili italiane estinte e fiorenti" vol.II, compiled by Comm. G.B. di Crollalanza, edited by "la direzione del giornale araldico, Pisa 1888".

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