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Andrin (France - Gévaudan) NoblesAndrini (Italia) Baroni - NobiliAndrini (Italia) Nobili - Cavalieri - BaroniAndrino (España - Vizcaya) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleAndrio (Italia) Nobili Andriola (Italia) CavalieriAndriolet (France - Angoumois) Famille Noble - Chevaliers - SeigneursAndrioli (Italia - Austria - Olanda) Nobili - CavalieriAndriollo (Italia) NobiliAndriotta (Italia) Nobili Andris (France - Nivernais) Famille Noble - Chevaliers - Seigneurs

Herkunft des Familiennamens Andrin, Herkunftsland: France

Adelsstand: Nobles
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Andrin
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Krone des Adels Andrin
Ancient and noble French family, of clear and ancestral virtue, with main residence in Gévaudan, a historical area of France in Lozère département, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. The origin of this surname shoul be sought in a variation of the German name "Andric", composed of "And" (= sword point) plus "ric" (= powerful). Anyway, the first traces left by this family date back to the fifteenth century, when its members were part of the local nobility of Gévaudan. In fact, the family, in all ages, always stands out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: Jean-Pierre, landowner in Gévaudan, flourishing in 1489; Robert, knight, flourishing in 1510; Françoise, doctor in both laws, flourishing in Chirac, in 1533; Jean-Claude, landowner in Périgueux, flourishing in ...
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Familien-Wappen Andrin

1 Blasonierung die Familie Andrin

Source: Archive of Heraldrys Institute of Rome.

Sable, semé of billets argent, over all a lion rampant guardant of the same.

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