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Name: Campo

Dossier: 882799
Sprache des Textes: English
Adelsstand: Nobles - Knights - Counts - Barons
Adel in: Italy (Lombardy - Veneto - Liguria - Emilia Romagna - Sicily)

Heraldische Vorschau :


Krone des Adels CampoAncient and very noble Italian family, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. The first traces left by the family are found in Trentino where the family owned the castle of Campo, from where took the name. Pietro, son of Alberto, for some controversies with the Bishop of Trento, was exiled and moved to Verona with his family, in the fourteenth century. Here the family was aggregated to that noble Council and obtained, from the bishop, the right of tithe above some countries and, from Francesco Erizzo Doge of Venice, the title of Count of Castelvero. Another family branch flourished in Rovigo, where was ascribed to the Noble Council in 1496. This House received the title of Count on the villas of Costa, Vigolo and Frediana by Francesco III, Duke of Modena in 1763, in the person of Giovanni Campo; a transferable title by ...
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Wappen Campo

Familienwappen Campo

1 Familienwappen Campo

Blazon of family Campo enobled in Rovigo. Source: "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI", Vol. II page 259.

Party per bend azure and gules, on a bend or between a moon descrescent argent in chief and three stars of six points of the same in base, two per pale and one sinister of the lower.

Familienwappen da Campo

2 Familienwappen da Campo

Blazon of family Campo or da Campo enobled in Verona (counts of Castelvero). Source: "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI", Volume II page 259.

Or, on a fess azure accompanied in chief by an eagle sable beaked and ombrè gules.

Familienwappen Campo

3 Familienwappen Campo

Blazon of family Campo, del Campo or lo Campo enobled in Adernò. Source: "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI", Vol. II page 259.

Argent, three eagles displayed gules ona a chief of the same.

Familienwappen Campo

4 Familienwappen Campo

Blazon of family Campo enobled in Genoa. Source: "Dizionario storico blasonico delle famiglie nobili e notabili italiane estinte e fiorenti" vol.I, compiled by " Comm. G.B. di Crollalanza", edited by "la direzione del giornale araldico" Pisa 1888.

Azure, two wings conjoined argent.

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent
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