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Marchewitz - Markvic - Markuwicz - Markewitz - Markvich - (Deutschland) NoblesMarchez (France - Berry) Famille Noble - Chevaliers - SeigneursMarchgaßßin (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterMarchi - Marchioretto - Marquioretto - (Italia) NobiliMarchi (France - Guascogna) Famille Noble - Chevaliers - SeigneursMarchi (Veneto) (Italia) NobiliMarchian (Italia) Nobili Marchiassi (Italia) Nobili

Herkunft des Familiennamens Marchewitz, Herkunftsland: Deutschland

Adelsstand: Nobles
Variationen: Markvic - Markuwicz - Markewitz - Markvich
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Marchewitz
Variationen: Markvic - Markuwicz - Markewitz - Markvich
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Krone des Adels Marchewitz
Ancient and Noble German family, originally from the Land of Saxony, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. According to what has been handed down, this family, as a reward for valuable services rendered to Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, was admitted to the "Briefadel" (lit. "letter of nobility"), the so-called new nobility as opposed to "Uradel", a term coined only in modern times, in reference to noble families whose ancestral lineage can be traced back to before the Middle Ages. Moreover, this family, in all ages, always stood out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal professions and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: Böhm, rector of the University of Breslau; Valerius, jurist in Halle, flourishing in 1488; Gut, landowner in Saxony, flourishing in 1514; Ludwig, doctor ...
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Familien-Wappen: Marchewitz
Variationen: Markvic - Markuwicz - Markewitz - Markvich

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Familien-Wappen Marchewitz

1 Blasonierung die Familie Marchewitz

Argent, a chevron couched gules.

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