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Herkunft des Familiennamens Sauer, Herkunftsland: Germany - Austria - Switzerland

Adelsstand: Nobles - Counts - Barons
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Sauer
Krone des Adels Sauer
Ancient and noble German family from Bavaria, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. The main branches of the family settled in New York (USA), Austria and Switzerland. The clear nobility of the Sauer House is confirmed by its presence in the valuable work of J.B. Rietstap (12 May 1828–24 December 1891), a Dutch heraldist and genealogist, "The Armorial General", a monumental work that contains the blazons of the coats of arms of more than 130,000 European families. According to what has been handed down, the family obtained the title of Barons of Saint Empire on May 2, 1630 and of Counts of Saint Empire on August 27, 1668. The confirmation of its nobility arrived on March 26, 1865. The Austrian branch obtained the recognition of nobility on December 27, 1834. From the analysis of colours and symbols of the coat of arms we can... Fortsetzung folgt

have more information about the family virtues. The red tincture (gules) is the symbol of strength, power, fervent love for God and neighbour; the oars signifies power, skill, and knowledge, they are a sign of respect and salutation, often granted for successful enterprises at sea; the red lion on the silver shield means greater nobility for the value of actions and gentle kindness; green ("vert") is symbol of hope, joy, and loyalty in love; sable is the tincture black and means wisdom, grief, constancy and prudence; the argent symbolizes purity, tenderness, temperance, mercy, kindness, the desire to win and the talent of eloquence; the bend sinister occurs more often as marks of distinction, added to another coat to denote bastardy (for example, Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle, illegitimate son of Edward IV of England, bore the arms of the House of York with a bendlet sinister overall); the chevron represents the roof of a house and means protection; the annulets may allude to the custom of prelates to receive their investiture per baculum et annulum ("by rod and ring"); gold ("or") is the most noble metal, a symbol of wealth, power and control; the spades are tools of agriculture and construction denoting subsistence, production and creation; the habit of hibernation of the bear during winter months has held it as a symbol of resurrection for hundreds of years; the tincture azure symbolizes water, the continuity of life, it is a colour of nobility, beauty, chastity and fidelity; the sceptre represents sovereignty and dominion and it is also a religious symbol of temporal power; birds are symbol of peace; the arm in armour means high military rank; a mace is an ensign of dignity and a symbol of authority and power. Family names so old, without any doubt honour not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.

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Familien-Wappen: Sauer

Familien-Wappen Sauer

1 Blasonierung die Familie Sauer

Gules; three oars or palewise rangé on a party per pale; first and second party per fesse of three that make six quarters, over all a base enty; 1 gules, a lion passant or on a mount in base vert holding in the dexter paw a ring of the second; 2 sable, a bend sinister argent charged with three chevron gules bendwise sinister; 3 party per pale or and gules, three annulets counterchanged 2 and 1; 4 or, three spades démanché pallwise, sable; 5 party per fesse sable and argent, over all a bear rampant contourné brochant, proper; 6 azure, a scepter palewise or between to bird heads addorsed of the same; in the base an arm in armour issuing from a cloud, holding a mace, proper. Four helmets crowned. Crest: 1 two oyster feathers or and gules between to spades démanché sable; 2 a lion issuant contourné or hoding a ring of the same; 3 two spades sable with the handles in base; 4 a pair of wing conjoined with the arms of the second quarter (on the sinister wing the bend sinister is changed to bend dexter). Lambrequins argent and gules.

Source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 675.

Familien-Wappen Sauer

2 Blasonierung die Familie Sauer

Argent, a lion gules on a terrassé vert. Crest: a lion gules issuant.

Source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 675.

Familien-Wappen Sauer

3 Blasonierung die Familie Sauer

Argent, an arrow proper feathered argent per pale between two stars gules. Helmet crowned. Crest: a lion issuant or holding the arrow. Lambrequins: argent and gules.

Sauer from Bavaria; source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 675.

Familien-Wappen Sauber

4 Blasonierung die Familie Sauber

Gules, issuing from the sinister a sinister arm in armour proper holding a sabre. Crest: the arm of the shield per pale.

Sauer from Nuremberg; source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 675.

Familien-Wappen Sauer

5 Blasonierung die Familie Sauer

Azure, a sinister bend wavy argent between three stars or, two on the dexter and one on the sinister. Crest: a star or.

Sauer from New York; source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 675.

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