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Name: Savassi

Dossier: 864476
Adelsstand: Nobles - Counts
Adel in: Italia
Heraldische Vorschau in: English

Heraldische Vorschau Savassi

Krone des Adels SavassiAccording to some heraldic reconstruction, the Savassi family is a branch of the noble family Sava from Naples. The Sava family is one of the most ancient and noble of the Amalfi Coast. It is settled there since immemorial time. A Marino, for example, was initially Prefect of Amalfi, then was elected duke or doge of that republic. After him, others of the same family sustained so eminent offices. A Gerardo and a and a Manfredo Sava took part in the First Crusade; Riccardo in 1162 was made grand constable of Apulia and had the county of Fondi. His sons Ruggero and Tancredi were created, the first count of Alba, and the other count of Gravina. Since that time the Sava House always grew in authority and power. Anyway, it seems that in the sixteenth century, a member of the Sava family went in Liguria and there, for reasons not ...

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Familien-Wappen: Savassi

Familien-Wappen Savassi

1 Blasonierung die Familie Savassi

Savassi, source: Archive of Heraldrys Institute of Rome.

Party per fesse azure and argent, over all a bear rampant sable.

Familien-Wappen Savassi

2 Blasonierung die Familie Savassi

Sava from Kingdom of Naples. Source: "Dizionario storico blasonico delle famiglie nobili e notabili italiane estinte e fiorenti" volume II, compiled by Comm. G.B. di Crollalanza, edited by "la direzione del giornale araldico", Pisa 1888.

Azure, on a mount in base vert a tower or, surmounted by three stars of five points argent.

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent
(Die Worte fliegen, die Schriften bleiben)
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