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Last name: Currier

Dossier: 600228
Type:Heraldic dossiers
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Language of the text: English
Nobility: Noble family - Knights - Lords
Nobles in:England (England, Scotland)
The country or region of the dossier mainly refers to the places where the family was ascribed to the nobility and may be different from those of residence

Heraldic dossiers :

Nobility crown CurrierThe name 'Currier' originates from England, and Scotland. It is a variant of the Scottish habitation name 'Currie', derived from the habitation name from 'Currie' in the former county of Dumfries, and Midlothian, now part of Lothian region, first attested in this form in 1230. It is apparently derived from the Gaelic word 'cueeaigh', meaning wet plain, marsh. one of the places in Somerset so called from the river 'Curry', on which they stand, the name of which is of unknown origin. Compiled information from Historical and Private archive's has confirmed that the surname 'Currier' and or it's variant's, dates as far back as the 14th century were a 'Simon Courour', from the county of Yorkshire, England, is recorded on Poll Tax records in 1379. The exact period of settlement in North America has not been definitely determined but Information extracted from Public and Civil registry archive's confirm that one of the first settlers was a certain 'James Currie', aged 15, a labourer by trade, from the city of London, England. He emigrated to North America in 1774, sailing from the Port of London aboard the ship named the 'Adventure' on the 19th of April 1774, arriving in Maryland on the 26th of April of the same, where he served as an indentured servant. Today, 'Currier' is the '1030th' most common surname in North America. ...

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Blazon Currier

Coat of arms of family Currier

1. Coat of arms of family: Currier
Language of the text: English

Azure a lion passant guardant or. Crest-An arm in armour embowed, holding a spear, all proper.

Blazon of family Currier.

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