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Last name: Fa

Dossier: 12896
Type:Heraldic dossiers
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Language of the text: English
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Nobility: Marchesi
Nobles in:Italia
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Heraldic dossiers :

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Nobility crown FaFamily originally from Fontanile, which then spread to Casale Monferrato, Mantua and Alessandria. He had a knight of Malta, Ferdinand, in 1580, a time when the family was already in a high state. The known progenitor is Gian Matteo, from Fontanile, already died in 1539, father of Ardizzino, senator (1545-62) and captain general of justice in Casale (1562). His son Horace bought the fiefdom of Bruno from the Scarampi and was invested with it with a noble title on March 24, 1588. A decade later, on April 15, 1598, the feud was erected in the county in favor of his son, Ortensio, praetor of Mantua and senator, died without offspring. He was succeeded by his brother Ardizzino (dec. 1617), governor of Trino, and like his brother, senator. Ortensio deserves particular mention of his sons, who died improle in 1642 and invested, on 11 August 1632, in Carentino; and Camilla Ardizzina, ...

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Blazon Fa

Coat of arms of family Faà

1. Coat of arms of family: Faà
Language of the text: Italiano

D'oro, alla fata (Faa') mostruosa, passante sopra una pianura erbosa; il corpo e la testa coll'elmo in maestà, il tutto al naturale; essa fata avente la metà superiore di donna ignuda e scapigliata, colle ali di pipistrello, di verde, le gambe d'uccello palmipede e la coda di serpe, finiente in saetta (Ricon. 1898). Sostegni: Un leone, al naturale, accovacciato sostenente lo scudo col dorso. Motto: Nec ferro nec igne.

Citato in "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI",Vol. III pag. 39.

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