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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Achenza


Achenza is specific to northern Sardinia, to Sassari, Ozieri and Santa Maria Coghinas in the Sassari area, and to Tempio Pausania, Oschiri, Berchidda and Olbia in Gallura. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ACHENZA: uncertainties remain on the meaning and etymology of the word. It is a surname present today in 57 Italian Municipalities, of which 33 in Sardinia: Sassari 77, Tempio 38, Oschiri 28, Berchidda 21, Olbia 18, etc. The only elements of comparison remain two references, of which the first is by the canon Giovanni Spano, in the Sardinian vocabulary - Geographical, Patronymic and Etymological -, which reads: Achensa, a village destroyed in the diocese of Cagliari, so called from the root (fenicia) chanas = union of men, aggregation of houses; the second is found in the work "In Sardiniae Chorographiam" by Giovanni Francesco Fara (pag. 210 - 20): Intus deinde sequitur partis Hipis (Parte Gippi), tota fere plana (almost completely flat) .ubi est castrum et oppidum Sorres (Villasor), comitatus titulo in Carolo V year 1537, decoratum oppidaque alia Decimoputzi, Serramagnae et Villaexirdi (rich in cedars, oranges etc. follows the list of other villages.) Fanaris superioris, Fanaris inferioris (see Surname Fanàri), Leni, Hispidi, Aquensae, ... Saboddus, .Sogus. (see surname De Sogus). We believe that the surname Achenza derives from the ancient inhabited center of Aquensa, also called Acquesa, located in the countryside of Villasor; in the medieval period belonging to the Curadorìa or Part of Gippi, of the judicial kingdom of Cagliari. He was then part of the judicial kingdom of Arborea, then of the Municipality of Pisa; from 1324 it was a villa (bidda) of the Aragonese Catalan Kingdom of Sardinia. Later it was depopulated, until the total abandonment probably occurred from 1414 to 1427. In Aquensa or Acquesa the root "water" is clear: the town was in fact an area rich in water along the bank of the Mannu river (In Sardiniae Chorographiam - cited above): flumen aliud oritur in agro Sarcidano.ad dexteram reliquit Samassim, ad sinistram Regionem Partis Hipis per pontem Villae Sorris.Etc. etc. What you can't understand is why the Achences currently have the most important stocks in Sassari and Tempio, far from Villasor!

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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