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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Adimari


Of uncertain origin it is currently present with a lineage in the Cosenza area of Acri, Rossano and Corigliano Calabro, it derives from the medieval name of Lombard origin Ademarus of which we have an example in the 10th century: "... Ademarus vero Cabanensis, not Constantini, sed Sancti Mauricii lanceam hanc vocat, ... "and in an act of the year 962 in Benevento it reads:" ... de alio latere fine Ademari, et descendente in fine Calendi et pertange in fine de eredes Iohanni et descendente in fine benebentano. ". additions provided by Pierluigi Carnesecchi This surname appears in different areas of Italy, it is a large Florentine family. The origins of these Adimari are uncertain: one of the hypotheses is the descent from the powerful Hucpoldingi family, the other the descent from the ancient Florentine family of the Nepotecosa. They were the largest of the Florentine Guelph families and dominated the scene throughout the 13th century, they were excluded from the Republican offices with the legal systems of Giano della Bella. The ancestor of the Florentine Carnesecchi is seen by Scipione Ammirato the young man in such Durante di Buonfantino, several times prior and Gonfaloniere of the Republic and by Mariani in a Prior tavern-keeper in 1298 during the period of Ricovero. The thesis of the Ammirato opens up a hypothesis: During Buonfantino Cancellieri was an Adimari, (made by the people following the legal orders) in fact the judge Buonfantino of Cancellerio appears in a document of 1251 as de Adimaris. In his turn Cancellerio appears in a document of 1201 as a son of Bellincione di Lotterio. This Lottery (name in use among the Cadolingi and name of the emperor in the years around 1120) would be born between 1120 and 1130 and would become a new piece to continue research on the origins of the Adimari. additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli The surname Adimari is also widespread in the Cesenate area. It derives from the Germanic name Adalmar, composed by the words halthochdeutsch (ancient High German). adal = noble (German Adel) e. mar = famous, from the verb maren = to announce, to glorify (ted. Mär = rumor and Märchen = fable), passed in Latin as Adi (e) marius. Meaning: famous for its nobility. See G. Vezzelli: Romagna surnames of barbarian-Germanic origin) Il Sodalizio, Rimini, 1988

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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