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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Alaria


Alarm Molto rarely has a ceppo net Bergamasco ed by one from Rome, alarm, estremamente rarely, e del Torinese, Alaric has a ceppo from Rome, one of Napoli, one of a Trani net Barese, one of Cassano allo lonio net Cosentino, ed from a man, Palermo, Caltagirone, nel catanese, out of the Gela Niscemi nel Nissen, potrebbero, shift the dal fatto di essere stati i capostipiti degli horsemen, cavalry,, cioè, appartenenti alle formazione della caballeria romana, del fronte d 'attacco che costituivano le ali: "... Livius, cavalry and of the legions, and drew up a clear, point out and calls them the Romans. but, perhaps, the Roman cavalry of cases they are called, that were with the Romans, that they were cavalry, even the cavalry of the allies, not because it is of his companions of the bed, although this, too, but because it is fought with swords. so, too, Victorius, a judge through it. .. ", Tacitus Annales di dagli leggiamo:" ... the rear of the enemy, he ordered that the infantry of the Germans, that exists in our merebat circumgredi, the social, and the cavalry of the legions to the assistance of the companies who have already been sent, as the field of a composite, and they expel., and then again the light cohorts and d as well as the three Woe, then, after an interval the AUXILIARY TROOPS cavalry charge: they are strong enough, they did not give fresh courage to the repulsed troops, and by the space being left out of account carried away in the panic of the fugitives. He handed over command of the fifth legion and the rest of the auxiliaries to Cethegus Labeo, ... ", ma e medioevale Alarius purely possible for one of the derivazione dal nome, un'alterazione del nome Ilarius, ne abbiamo un esempio in the quest'atto dell'anno 1096:" ... On the the monks Warren cellararius, alarm Barratt, Gerrasins Marshall, John Gast, Bodin de mairone, Walter de Calciata ... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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