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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Anedda


Anedda is typical of south-central Sardinia, Anela, very very rare, is typical of Nuoro and San Teodoro (SS), it should derive from the toponym Anela (SS), Anella is specific to the Roman, frusinate and latinense, have several possible origins, or from a diminutive of the name Ana (Anna), from hypocorisms of the nomen of the Gens Annia, or from the word anedda the walled ring where animals were bound as mules, donkeys or horses. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ANEDDA; ANELA; ANELLA: The surname could be linked to the ancient trade of the blacksmith. In the Sardinian language we have aneddu, oneddu in the meaning of finger ring, referring to people. Sanella was the knocker of the doors of the landowners' houses, in the form of a large iron ring; s'anella de su porcu is instead the iron ring that is put on the snout of the fattening pig, so that it does not create damage to the stable floor (s'aùrra de su porcu); s'anella po ferrai is cuaddus e is bois (it is the iron ring that was in front of the door of the blacksmith's workshop). In Catalan we have anella, in Latin anellus. Anella or Anela is the name of an ancient city of the Goceano, region of central-northern Sardinia (center of the province of Sassari, of 817 inhabitants - Roman villa dating back to the Sillana era - Feudo regio until 1839 - etc.), of which Curadorìa was indeed capital (Curadorìa de Gociano or de Anella). In all the ancient papers of Sardinia we find the inhabited center mentioned. He was among the Curatoria adherent to the Treaty of Peace of Eleonora, * LPDE of 1388 ** Curatoria de Anella (de Gociano). Ego Alesio (de) Anthonius, habitator ville de Sporlachu (today's Isporlatu) .sindicus actor et procurator Curatorie de Anella et villarum ... nisi bestiaris pastores.congregatis in villa de Bilĉochor (Guilciochor) et etc. in posse Salari Arsoci de Bose ... X die januarii 1388). it belonged to the Curadorìa of Gociano of which it was chief town, in the Judicial kingdom of Torres until 1272. Then to the Aragonese Catalan Kingdom of Sardinia. From the sovereign Alfonso the Benigno was granted in feud to the donnichello Mariano of Arborea (future Mariano IV ° father of Eleonora) and was later on included in the Giudicato of Arborea. When the war broke out between the Aragonese king and the Giudicato of Arborea, of which Mariano was the Judge, the village of Anella was granted as a fief to Valore de Ligia, but only nominally, because in fact the "villa" continued to belong to the arboreal kingdom . In 1420 the villa was incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia, etc. (Di. Sto. Sa. - Sardinian Historical Dictionary, by Francesco Cesare Casula). In the text of Fara (Ioannis Francisci Farae - in Sardiniae Chorographiam), where he treats of the diocese of Castro (Castrensis diocesis mediterranea, Ottanensi proxima, nomen sumpsit ab urbe Castri .- the diocese of Castro, located inland and adjacent to that of Ottana , takes its name from the city of Castro.), cuius diocesis incipit a curatoria region Anelae.la whose diocese begins with the region of the Curatoria of Anela.Il surname Anedda is currently present in 212 Municipalities of Italy, of which 87 in Sardinia (mostly concentrated in the Cagliari area): Cagliari 252, Orroli, 105, Sinnai 86, San Sperate 68, Villaputzu 60, Narcao 53, etc. The most famous of the Anedda is Gianfranco (CA August 28, 1930), lawyer, militant politician of the National Alliance, parliamentarian since 1992. The surname Anella presents a well-rooted strain in Lazio, in which it is present in 8 Municipalities out of 12 of the whole territory national: Rome 40, etc.- absent in Sardinia - The surname Anela (present in 12 Italian Municipalities) has a rooted lineage in Puglia (in 3 Municipalities): Bari 12, etc .; one in Sardinia (3 Municipalities): Nuoro 12, San Teodoro 6, Sedini 3.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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