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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Antico


Antichi has a ceppo from the modenese ed in Toscana tra reggiano, soprattutto nell'area che comprende il Livornese, il fiorentino ed il senese territory of Pisa, il, Antico has highlighted a ceppi, nel padovano, veneziano out of the rovigoto, nel pescarese out of the teatino, nel salernitano, net salento, nel e nel siracusano Reggina from the palermitano, dovrebbe, shift the dal nome, a Lombard * Anticus, after having cited the Lombards, ad esempio da Paolo Diacono nella History of the Book: ".. in this tempest Justinian to the Roman government, made himself strong for a blessed lot. But he has done, and in the causes of the civil war and conflict the successful wonderful dress. for the Belisarium Patrick Persian strongly defeated by the very Belisarium Vandal nation, capturing their king Gelismero, until they are deleted Africa as a whole after the age of ninety six Roman rule again. She Belisarii forces Goths, in Italy, to grab Witichis their king; he overcame. And after these things, too, the Moors, the king of Amtalan Africa, they are who infest by means of John, and their wonderful virtue of the Consul otrivit. In like manner also the right of other people in close contact. For this reason, for the sake of the cause of all of these victories, as before Alamannic, Gothic, France had to, Germanic, * Anticus, Alanicus, the Vandals was Africanusque it were said, he merited to have a agnomina ... ", to divert to give to the one of the form of the aferetica del nome ma potrebbe Also, a Lombard Nanticu, di cui abbiamo un Codex net example Cavensis nell'anno 898, dove tra i testimoni gods one dichiarazione di proprieta compare: "I Nanticu son .. + .. Tuntuli subscribed as a witness."

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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