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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Areni


Arena is diffisimo in all Italy, whose origin should be in Calabria and in Sicily, Areni, absolutely rare, is probably of the centronord, should derive from nicknames with reference to the local toponymy. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ARENA: it is a surname widespread throughout Italy (in 1059 Municipalities) and presents the most consistent strains in Sicily, in Messina (1996), in Catania (967), in Palermo (521). It means rena, arena, sand and derives from the Latin rena; in Sardinian arena or arenas. In Sardinia it is present in 11 Municipalities: Guspini 11, SN d'Arcidano 6, P. Torres 6, Nuoro 6, Quartu SE 6, etc. We find it among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, * LPDE, from 1388: Arena (de) Fuliato, jurato Nurapulia villas (* today Narbolia - Contrate Partis de Milis). In the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas, * CSNT, 11th, 13th century We find it as a toponym (108): locality saltu d'Arena, in the countryside of Consedin (the current Cossoine). The Sardinian Geographical Patronymic and Etymological Vocabulary of the canon Giovanni Spano states: "Arenas, a village destroyed in the Sulcis. It was a Roman opium where the mine was cultivated nearby". In the Di. Sto. Sa. of FC Casula, Arenas: town, villa (bidda) medieval, located at the foot of Mount San Michele Arenas, in the countryside of Tratalìas, belonging to the Curadoria of Sulcis, in the judicial kingdom of Càlari. The town was probably abandoned in the second half of the 14th century, due to the continuous wars between the Giudicato of Arborea and the Catalan Aragonese kingdom of Sardinia. In the work "In Sardiniae Chorographiam" by Giovanni Francesco Fara (whose writing is between 1580 and 1590), the sulcitano village of Arenas is mentioned (14 - 17) .et oppida.Uratelis, Paesus, Burstiris, Bau der Cannas, Petrargius, Garamatae, Smergi, Arenae, Flumentepidi.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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