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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Azara


Atzara, absolutely rare, would seem to be specific to the south of Sardinia, Azara, much more widespread, is instead specific to the north of the island, especially in Gallura, Arzachena, and Olbia, but also to a considerable extent in Tempio Pausania, Palau, Calangianus , Santa Teresa di Gallura and Luogosanto, and in Sassari. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ATZARA; AZARA; (AZZARA): atzàra o autzàra = clematis vitalba, clematis, vitalba. Etimo? Atzàra is an ancient inhabited center, pre-Roman (probably named after the copious presence of clematis vitalba), whose origins remain in uncertainty. Archaeologists classify it as one of the oldest inhabited centers in Sardinia. In the Middle Ages it was "villa" (bidda) belonging to the Curadorìa del Mandrolisay, in the Judicial kingdom of Arborea. In 1420 it became a town of the Catalan-Aragonese Kingdom of Sardinia (Di. Sto. Sa). Today it is a town of 1310 inhabitants in the province of Nuoro, famous for its archaeological monuments and because it was the birthplace of the painter Antonio Corriga (see the Atzàra Web). The town is mentioned in the work of Ioannis Francisci Farae - In Sardinia Chorographiam - "Flumen Massaris orit ex montibus Cornu bovis (Correbòi) .et Azarae ad Samogueum usque decurrit." Still in the work of Fara "De Rebus Sardois IV, the town is mentioned as an oppidum. Currently the surname Atzàra is present in 17 Italian Municipalities, of which 8 in Sardinia: Cagliari 11, Quartu SE 6, Capoterra 6, Carbonia 5, Dolianova 3, Sestu 3, etc. The surname Azàra is present in 71 Italian Municipalities, of which 25 in Sardinia (province Olbia - Tempio): Arzachena 357, Olbia 186, Temple 68, Palau 27, Calangianus 27, etc. The surname Azzàra (see the surname Zara), is present in 113 Italian Municipalities (with relevant stocks in Sicily, Lazio and Lombardy), of which 4 in Sardinia: Olbia 3, Gonnesa 3, Monti 3, La Maddalena 2.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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