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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Azzola


Azzi seems typical of Mantua with strains also in the Parma and Ferrara areas, and ancient presences also in Canton Ticino, Azzini is specific to the area that includes Brescia and Mantua, Azzino is practically unique, Azzo, almost disappeared is Emilian, Azzola, decidedly Lombard, it is especially specific of the Bergamo area, of Albino in particular, but also of Pradalunga, Nembro, Bergamo and Cene, Azzoli is typical of the frusinate, of Cassino, Terelle and Villa Santa Lucia, with a stock also in Terracina in the Latin, Azzone has a stock in Rome and is present in a barely noticeable extent in Puglia, in the Matera and Ragusa areas, Azzoni is very widespread in Lombardy in Milan, Cremona and Mantua and in Emilia in the Parma area, all derive, directly or through hypochoristic or accretive, from the name medieval Atto or Azzo, or from their hypocoristic Azzolo, of these names we have an example in 900: "... Act fuit primus Princeps, astutus ut hidrus, nobiliter true fuit ortus de Sigefred o Prince praeclaro Lucensi de Comitatu. ... ", with Azzo d'Este and later are famous Azzo da Correggio born in Parma in 1303, marquis of Correggio and lord of Parma, Berceto, Guardasone, Guastalla, Colorno and Brescello and Azzo di Malaspina in the second half of the 1300s Traces of these surnames can be found, for example, in Bergamo at the beginning of the 1600s, in a deed of sale a certain Giacomo was Giovannino Azzola sells at the monastery of Sant'Anna a land that is a walled Copate family, that is a Terranean fund with upper rooms and loggia in district of Sant'Anna.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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