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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Balzaretti


Surnames with the greatest diffusion in Lombardy, but also present in a substantial way in the rest of northern Italy. They could derive from successive contractions from the name Baldassarre, as they could be distortions of nicknames. additions provided by Andrea Balzarotti The Balzarottis of Weissenstein, currently resident in Corbetta (MI), have the following coat of arms: shield party in pole: in the first, field of blue with nine silver bars; in the second, blue field loaded with three badly ordered gold lilies. Variations in the coat of arms: Chief of the Empire (from 1796 to 1858): gold with the eagle spread out in black, beaked, beaked and crowned with black; bars varying in number from nine to six; Florence lilies replaced those of France. The coat of arms is surmounted by the helmet of Conte: silver, turned on the same, edged with gold, placed for a third in profile to the right, grating of seventeen pieces of gold, with the gorgeretta of the same. The helmet is surmounted in turn by the crown of the count: a circle of gold turned and gemmed cimato by sixteen pearls (nine visible) supported by as many points. The helmet is accompanied by a rim and by the flourishes in the colors of the emblem, blue and gold. Variants in arms: cloak of great state officer as a personal badge (from 1772 to 1796) of purple velvet, topped with white silk and edged with gold. (RID 1772); crown of Count of the Holy Roman Empire (RID 1772); tornon crown cutted of four fioroni (three visible) alternated by four pearls (two visible); Lieutenants on concession of the IR Casata d'Austria: two black eagles, faced, beaked, billed, crowned with gold, counter-rods and gazing outwards. They also enjoy the following noble titles: Count of Weißenstein (mpr), Count of SRI (mpr), Count Palatine Imperial (mpr), Count in Bavaria (mpr), Count of the Austrian Empire (mpr), Baron of Kals (mpr) , Baron of Virgen (mpr), Lord of Mitteldorf (m), Lord of Haslach (m), Lord of Lesach (m), Lord of Großdorf (m), Lord of Welzelach (m), Lord of Feld (m), Lord of Wallhorn (m), Lord of Berg (m), Baron of the Austrian Empire (m), Lord of Froßnitz (m), Lord of Bichl (m), Lord of Gruben (m), Lord of Niedermauer (m) , Lord of Seblas (m), Lord of Raneburg (m), Lord of Gries (m), Lord of Gunggenberg (m), Lord of Bobojach (m), Lord of the Virgental (mpr), Lord of the Tauerntal (mpr), Lord of Kalsertal (mpr), Lord of Matrei in Oßtirol (mpr), Lord of Prägraten (m), Lord of Hinterbichl (m), Lord of St. George in Willows (m), Lord of Palazzolo (m), Lord of Torriano (m), Lord of Weißenstein (mpr), Noble of the Co nti di Weißenstein (mf), Noble citizen of Weißenstein (m), Noble Citizen of Castelnuovo di Verona (m), Noble Citizen of Corbetta (m) Patrizio Veneto (mf), Patrizio Milanese (mf), Noble of the Austrian Empire ( mf), Knight of the Austrian Empire (m), Grand Master and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Confraternity of San Nicolao (mpr), Grand Master and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of Saints Amedeo and Leopoldo (mpr ).

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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