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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Barcello


Barcella, in addition to the stock, perhaps of Trentino origin, typically Lombard, present particularly in the Bergamo area, in Nembro, Albano Sant'Alessandro, Scanzorosciate, Cenate Sotto, Torre de 'Roveri, Trescore Balneario, Seriate, Zandobbio, Dalmine, Carobbio degli Angeli , Villa di Serio, Gorlago, Alzano Lombardo and Bergamo, has one in Reggio Calabria and one in Catania, Barcelli, absolutely rare, has a small stock in La Spezia and one in Pesaro, Barcello, equally rare, would seem to have a small stock in Cosenza, could derive from nicknames originating from the archaic term barcella (stretcher), but in some cases they could derive from the Lombard dialect word barcella (hunting bayonet) or even from an always dialectal alteration of the term to indicate the warehouse adjacent to the farmhouse, traces of this surname we find at least since 1500, the hypothesis of the nickname is confirmed in Trentino in 1560, when in one act we read: ".. dominus Antonius d and Barcellis curator dicti domini Francisci Beseni. .. "and in 1564:" .. dominus Michael Barcella nacensis. Dominus Matthaeus de Besenis. .. ", in Lombardy the traces date back to at least 1700, in a deed written in 1725 in Valtellina in which it is agreed to Bartolomeo Castellanello of Bianzone known as Barcella five tables of the vineyard" al loco delle olive "and later in Bormio at the end of 1700: "... Location of Antonio Nicolina was Giambattista, of Bormio, as lessee of the existing assets in Bianzone di ragione of the Jesuit college of Bormio, Giacomo Castellanelli was Bartolomeo and Giuseppe Castellanelli was Domenico, known as Barcella, of the houses in Bianzone , in the contrada of Cambremo, and of the "opolivi" funds described in the previous lease, made to the same massari on 4 November 1778, for an annual rent of 5 some of wine on the houses and 2 some of wine on the bottoms ... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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