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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Barra


Barra is a very common surname in Turin and Cuneo, in Sardinia, in Campania and in the Foggia and Potentino areas, with significant presences also in Sicily, there is a noble Neapolitan branch of this family, Sbarra has various stumps scattered here and there in the peninsula, with consistent presences in the Cosenza area, in the Neapolitan, in Umbria and in central-northern Lazio, the latter could be a different form of the previous surname, with the addition of an S-epentetica, could derive from place names or from the fact of having been the forefather responsible for a bar, or barrier (customs barrier) on behalf of the Lord or King, or being a customs guard. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas BARRA: surname spread throughout Italy. Its basic meaning is bar or rod of wood or iron or other material that serves as a lever. The term is used in many expressions. The etymology of the word remains uncertain. In Catalan we have barra, in the same meaning. There is no Latin voice to which reference can be made. Instead, there is the Greek root "bar-" (βαρ), which indicates weight, pressure, from which βαρέω (Barèo) = gross, I press, oppress; βάρος (baros) = weight, pressure, power; etc. Here in Sardinia it takes on different meanings: bar, bar, bolt, but above all that of jaw: is barras = jaws, of animal or person. Fai is barras de vicino = to eat quickly, at a good pace; de barra bella = mangione, gourmet; homini de barra or barras mannas (in Aragonese home de barras) = man of liver, brave, synonymous with barròsu or barroni (Barroi, also present as surname) (Spanish barròso) = brave. The surname Barra is not present in the ancient papers in our possession, suppose it is recent or at least arrived in the Spanish period. We mention Giovanni Barra, a Sassari from the 16th / 17th century, a Jesuit father, author of the book "de Arte Rettorica", of 1614, and of an Oration to the archbishop Gavino Manca Cedrelles, published in Barcellone in the same year. Currently the surname Barra is present in 472 Municipalities of Italy, with greater diffusion in Piedmont (Turin 123), and in Campania (Cardito - NA, 729). In Sardinia the surname is present in 22 Municipalities, mostly from the High Sardinia: Codrongianus 48, Sassari 32.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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