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Belella e tipicamente laziale, viterbese e di Roma e del di Viterbo, Belelli has a ceppo marchigiano nell'anconetano to the Osimo, Ancona, on the Mount and San Vito di Santa Maria Nuova, e nel Maceratese from Recanati, the Roman edition of one, Belello e praticamente's Only Son, they complained cognomi dovrebbero shift dal nome inedioevale Belella, Belellus, probabilmente carried dat o dalle capostipiti, named di cui abbiamo a instrukcija example, in a document della Cancelleria Veneziana risalente al 1345: "..et our good, for them to put their plan into as we shall remaine here: and it shall be done, with whom, and the writings of the other could be seen, and have the same terminus of conducting themselves, to lay down by means of a part of the whole of the month of presents, they do, if we previously did not, that could be given to them, and take counsel, and is called by the wise men, under penalty of soldorum X. the Promise of the elect: ser Belellus this slave of Venus, Ser Marco Dandulo of the Holy Agnes, set Nicolletia Zeno once scr Blaxii. " e in questo del 1333: "..Johannis Grisostomo, the name of the Commissaries, and in like manner, when he was named a trustee of the said Marco Belella formerly preserved the properties of those countries: and Paul, the two are placed in the said uncovered, and the confines of their huts copertis ..".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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