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Benci has a Triestine lineage and in the Gorizia and Tuscany in the Florentine, in the Arezzo area and in the Livorno area, Bencich is decidedly from Trieste and Gorizia, Bencini, decidedly Tuscan, has a particularly important strain in the Florentine, it should be treated, directly or through forms hypocoristic, of the truncated form of names like Bencivegna probably brought by the progenitor, but it is more probable that they may derive from the medieval name Bencius, Bentius or Bencio of which we have an example in a Cartula venditionis of the year 1178 in Sartirana in Pavia: "Year dominice incarnacionis thousandth cent septuagesimo octavo, tercio decimo die mensis septembris, indictione. XI Roba, filius quondam Rustici, vivens lege Lombard .... Insuper etiam Maria, filia quondam Alberti Calegarii et uxor suprascripti Robe, consensu eiusdem viri sui et cum noticia et interrogacione propinquorum parentum suorum, hii sunt Guibertus de Bencio et Servusdei Raviza, renunciavit iuri ypothecarum quod and the pertinebat in suprascripta vengeance ... ", in Montaperti in 1247 we find such a Grossolus filius Benci Altomanni among the Guelphs expelled from Florence, in a letter from Pisa in 1397 we find traces of this surname:" Como penssamo che sapiaty, yours Filatore di Giovanni Benci, in your name, me asechurò, suvi the ship of Polo Lercharo and suvi quela de Cristiano Lomelino ... ". additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli The Trieste surname Benci / Bencich is mostly an Italian adaptation of the Slovenian surname Benčič, patronymic in -čič of Beno, abbreviation of Benedikt. Source: M. Bonifacio, surnames of Trieste, 49.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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