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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Bosincu


All extremely rare and typically Sardinian, Bosinco and Sassari, Bosincu, almost unique, and always from Sassarese, Businco and Cagliari, while Busincu and Porto Torres, always in it. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas BOSINCO; BOSINCU; BUSINCU: last rays. Bosinco, Bosincu o Busincu = di Bosa, from the .. Bosa, beautiful citizen of the west coast, of 8,000 inhabitants, of the province of Oristano, of the region of the Plains. Brings origin from Bosa Manna or Vetusta (antique). Dal fenico bos = stanziamento, aglomerato di case, secondo il canonico Giovanni Spano; Founded, according to the legend, of Calmedia, the daughter of the Sardos, stirpe of Ercole! In the Middle Ages he was chief of the Curran. It was abandoned versus the beginning of the twelfth century. It was recently founded. New Year, the current. Briefly, the story continues; Attention to great importance during the entire Middle Ages and was also the seat of an important Ecclesiastical Diocese, nowadays fused with that of Alghero (for a better understanding of Bosa in the Dictionary Sardo of FC Casula or visit the website, Bosa, see also again says Giuseppe Concas: Make some good memories in Bosa!). I do not have any old documents, Bosinco, Bosincu or Busincu, but Bosa. Among the signatories of the Pace di Eleonora, * LPDE of 1388 we find: From Bosa Petro and Mele Margiano, majoribus ville of Sardara (** SARDARA MONTIS REGALIS ... (11 GENNAIO 1388), and ego ... Gadulesu Margiano habitator vila Sardara , sindicus actor et procurator universitatis Contrate Montis Regalis et Villarum et etc. In posse Virde Andrea, Virde Joanne, of Civitate Sasseri, public notaries, from the 11th Januarii 1388). In the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, XIIIth sec. We find: from Bosa Petru (131, 132, 133, 134), a teste in due sale (comporaili) and in some exchanges (trantai) of land in Kerki's farm, villa (land), in Usini farm, near Mount Kerkos. De Bosa Furatu (24), testes in a sale (comporaili) of a vineyard, in the territory of Balle de Nuce (Nuce or Nuke valley): in agro d'Iscano (probably the current Scano Montiferro). Nel Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado, * CSMB, XI, XIIIth century, figurine: by Bosa Costantine, prete (208): Perdu ego, priori of Bonarcado, fatzo regordatione pro kertu ki feci pro fundamentu ki poserat Mariane d'Orruu from Nuragi of vines to Sancta Maria de Bonarcado in Villa Longa (* Ville Longe.Villalonga: district. Campitani Majoris). Kertei in Corona de Logu in Aristanis, being in kida of Berruda Toroodori Seke. Kertei with his homines, when he had taken the foundation: he considered Costantine de Bosa and Mariane de Sivi et Costantine d'Orruvu de Villalonga et ipsos frades et Pedru de Vrca etc. etc. Traded: I Pietro, prior to Santa Maria di Bonarcado, I present the lite that made for the "foundation" (the foundation and the nucleus of a collective heritage of a village, comprehensive land and animals, etc.), which die Mariane from Orrùu de Nuragi to Santa Maria, in Villalonga. It took a lawsuit in the Oristano court, in the watchdog week of Troodori Seke. It was due to the men who had arrested this "founding": Actually, I have been with Bosinco and present in 18 Italian communities, of which 7 in Sardinia: Sassari 35, Laerru 5, Sennori 3, Olbia 3, etc. Bosincu and present in 4 Italian municipalities, of which 3 in Sardinia: Alghero 5, Sassari 3, Pozzomaggiore 2. Busincu and present in 5 Common Italian, of which 4 in Sardinia: Porto Torres 15, Olbia 3, Sassari 3, Nulvi 3.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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