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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Bottina


All these surnames should derive from a diminutive of the medieval name Bottus (see BOTTA), of this use we have an example in the Diplomatic Code of Medieval Lombardy in a Carta venditionis written in Nerviano (MI) in 115 it reads8: "Year dominice incarnationis thousandth cent quinquagesimo octavo, first die mensis februarii, indictionæ sixth Constat me Massium filium quondam Alkerii qui dicebatur de Fargano de loco Parabiago qui professus sum lege live Longobardorum, accepisse, sicuti et in presentia testium manifestus sum quod accepi, to you Loot filio quondam Amizonis here dicebatur Botto de loco Axillano ... ". additions provided by Andrea Ferreri - Milan Bottineri and Bottinneri, almost unique, are present only in Messina, Bottina, absolutely rare, is only found in Vigevano (PV) and is probably formed due to a transcription error of the surname Bottini, Bottin is widespread in Padua, Treviso and Venice, with its epicenter in the town of Due Carrare (Padua), Bottinelli, typically Lombard, is widespread among the provinces of Como and Varese (Olgiate Comasco-Co, Cagno-Co, Solbiate-Co, Appiano Gentile-Co , Malnate-Va, Besano-Va, Viggiù-Va, Vedano Olona-Va) with a nucleus in the Bergamo area (Lurano, Brignano Gera d'Adda, Treviglio), and in the south-Milanese (Lacchiarella). Discrete the presence of the surname in north-eastern Piedmont (Vercelli and Verbano), in central-eastern Liguria and in the Grosseto area, Bottini is widespread in central-northern Italy with significant stocks in almost all of the Lombard provinces, with greater frequency among the provinces of Milan and Varese (Busto Arsizio-Va, Lonate Pozzolo-Va, Solbiate Olona-Va, Bust Garolfo-Mi, Casorezzo-Mi, Inveruno-Mi, Legnano-Mi, Parabiago-Mi), in Piedmont it is present in Turin, in the verbano and in the Novara area. In Liguria in Sanremo (Imperia), in the Genoese and in Varese Ligure (La Spezia). In Emilia Romagna in the Parma area (Salsomaggiore Terme) and in the Ferrara area (Codigoro). In Umbria in Perugia. In Abruzzo in the Pescara area. In Lazio in the provinces of Frosinone (Alatri, Anagni) and Rome, Bottino is widespread in Liguria, Piedmont, Sicily, Campania and Calabria, in Liguria it is typical of the Genoese and western Liguria, in Piedmont it is present in Turin and in the Canavese, in the Alexandrian and Asti, in Sicily particularly in the Catania area (Acireale and surroundings), in Campania mainly in the Naples area, in Calabria in the Cosenza area. At the base of all these surnames there should be a nickname related to the cooper trade (who manufactures, repairs and sells barrels).

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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