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Callon, assolutamente a very unusual, ha presenze nell'area comasco, varesotta, from the verbanese ed un piccolissima ceppo nel Beneventano milanese, milanese Lombardia nel Callon has a kernel from the Buscate, Arconatus, Dairago, Agrate Brianza, Monza, Milan, Arcore, Inveruno, Cernusco Not Every Pain Hurts e nella sul Naviglio close to Busto Arsizio from the net varesotto, ed un ceppo from the territory of Pisa, in the Toscana nel from Pontedera Palaia, in one of soldiers' attendants ha un piccolo ceppo nel nel napoletano varesotto edition, ed uno tra senese caloni has a ceppo nell'area etienne, aretino out of the perugino, dovrebbero to divert to, direttamente o attraverso mutazioni dialettale, by means of Carlone o dal nome inedioevale inconsiderable number of servants, one form in arcaica Carlomagno, di cui abbiamo un esempio Locate in Codices traditions of the church Pataviensis, formerly of Lorch, nell'anno 795 in the un testo che così si shut up the way: "... and that there are witnesses who have heard and seen, this tradition Rantolf hair. Into Chuntilo. Perros. Ratolt. Pero, Taozi. Adalhart. Itto. Clauperht. Isanker. Aotker. Adalhaoh. Kerhaoh . Ato. If any one should wish to break this tradition and our heirs, and fellow-heirs of the other of the either I, or my own. First incurring the wrath of the Almighty will have a struggle with Stephen presence of God and angels and this delivery. 3, and it is coming to pass in that firm might continue. April 27 Kingdom Caloni king (ii net 768 iniziò kingdom di Carlomagno). . ", But the shift potrebbero anche dal termine Latino boys, one sorta di manovalanza military addettit alia funzione di attention (domestic) or portatori pressure le antic legion that has not leggiamo net of War di C. Giulio Cesare," ... these arrival, so great a change of matters was made, that our men, even those who were exhausted with wounds, leaned on their shields, and renewed the fight: the camp-retainers, though unarmed, seeing the enemy completely dismayed, armed; the horsemen too, that their valor blot the disgrace of their flight, the pursuit of the fighters themselves before the legionary soldiers in all parts of .. .. ". suggerimento its di Nicola Caloni

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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