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Camba and specific to the south of Sardegna, from Cagliari to Capri and Quartu Sant'Elena, Selargius, Monserrato and Capoterra in Cagliari and Oristano, Cambedda, weird enough, has a cagliaritano nucleus and one in Nuorese, Camboni and much diffused in all Sardinia, Sassari, Ploaghe, Sennori, Ozieri, Olmedo and Sorso in Sardinia, Cagliari, Quartu Sant'Elena, Settimo San Pietro, Villaputzu and San Vito in Cagliaritano, Siniscola and Nuoro in Nuorese, Giba, Carloforte and Carbonia in Carbonense, Cambosu and Nuoro specific, Cambuli has a block in Nurallao, Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena in the cagliaritano and one in Neoneli nell'oristanese, from which all will derive, directly or through hypocoretic or ascendant, from a soprannome originated from the Sardinian vocabular shrimp (prawn). Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CAMBA; CHANGED; CAMBONI; CAMBOSU; CAMBULI: The camera and the prawn, it means also a branch; The shark is the bone of prawn, the best known with the name of the saffron's canned apple. Also change the brake "guard" to redirect him. Camboni and the camcorder> gambone, but also the alcove turkey, from Catalan cambrò, with the scomparsa della r (frequent in the Sardinian language). Cambosu> gamboso, give it a steamed or lung rag? Cambrai potrebbe invece derive, besides prawn, ddo old spanish cambuj, in him meaning cuffia for the children! (kind of canvas cape that is put on the children). Last names appear in the old documents of Sardinia. Among the signatories of the Pace di Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, we find: Camba Nicolaus - of Aristanni; Cambella Dominigo, ville Burgi. * Burgi de Gociano ... odierna Burgos - founded by Mariano IV, father of Eleonora. Curatorie de Anella; Cambella Joannes, Sasseri town. ** Sasseri.Sassari. Et ascendens Anthonius et De Lacon Salatinus, cives Sasseri, syndic, actors et procuratores.Marringoni Arsòcus potestas ac capitanus civitatis Sasseri. Everything you congregatis in civitate Sasseri, apud ecclesiam Sancte Caterine.presentibus String Jacobo, Francisco Magnispesa, Of Francisco Mascara. In the thirteenth month Januarii MCCCLXXXVIII - 1388. Cambone Gunnario, jurato ville Culleri (Cuglieri ** CULLERI. (Current Cuglieri) CASTRI MONTIS DE VERRO.in posse Salario Arsocho, public notaries and more etc. januari 1388. nisi bestiaris pastores.congregatis in Villa de Guilciochor, in the Salari Arsoci property, in Bose houses .notarii publici et al., die X januari 1388; Cambone Petro, ville Bordigale. * BORTIGALE.odierno Bortigali. Curatorie de Marghine de Gociano; Cambuli Echu, jurato ville Mahara. ** Contact Marmille.et ego Ferrali Agustinus, sindicus et c.etc. Contact Marmille.seu to Nicolao Longhu, Spanish Contract Marmille.habitatoribus, congregate in the Mahara Barbaraquesa villa (Villamar) before ecclesiam Sancti Saturnini (nisi pastores bestiarum) .in Posse Virde Andrea, civitar Sasseri, Virde Joannis filii.die XII januarii 1388; Cambuli Michaele - de Bosa. ** Bosa: civibus et habitatoribus civitatis Bios.nisipastores.congregatis intus Ecclesiam Beate Marie Virginis .die XV Januarii 1388, Cambuli Petro, vile Selluri. ** Selluri - Sedduri - Seddori: odierno Sanluri. Et ego Capula Marcus. Sindicus, actor et procurator ville Selluri.seu to Petro De Castay, captain and Margiano Costa, locuntenente potestatis terre Selluri et omnibus habitatoribus dictare terre, congregatis. X die januarii 1388. In the Counts of Saint Mary of Bonarcado, CSMB, XI, thirteenth century, we had: Camba Arzocco (138), under the guise of Segazos (a habitat that is part of the Curator of Milis, of the Jewish kingdom of Arborea, and which remnants if trovano in agro of Riola Sardo, in Trogatzus locality); in a land exchange: vineyards with a presbiteru Mellose de Segazos.Cambuli Furada Buriga, daughter to (di) Ianni the bride at Gosantine Anione (167), in a partition of servi: we part with Troodori Coco arpiscopus. Coiuedus Goantine Anione, servant of Santa Maria de Bonarcado, with Cambuli Furada, anchorage of Santa Maria de Aristanis. In the Counts of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XIth, XIIIth century, we had: Camba Dorgotori (183) in an account of Servi: buy Pierre de Serra at Dorgotori Camba et. (it is bought by Petru de Serra, a fourth (from the service) by Dorgotori Camba e. Camba Maria (76), in a donation: a married couple (vigne) in Soricariu - in Agri di Andronike; Camba Petru (240), in one service exchange: staged with Petru de Serra Boe: these demos latus (metà, of the service) by Petru Camba and ego deitili III pedes by Maria Bacca (three quarters) In the Count of San Pietro di Silki, eleventh, thirteenth century, we have: Canbella Petru (51) armentario (administrator of court), in a donation to San Pietro (posture); Canbella Comita (100), teste in a lite for the partition of the servitude (cerert de servis); Canbella Furatu (131), in a donation (position); Canbella Petru (76), major of school ( commander I gave you part of guard de dei confini), testimony in a lite for partition della servitù (kertu de servis). In the text of Fara "De Rebus Sardois" libri, III and IV are found: Cambonus Basilius, canonicus Sorrensis (canonico in Sierras> abitato scomparso; appartner la Curadorìa del Meylogu in the Jewish kingdom of Towers and the seat of the omnipresent diocese, nowadays not more existent); Cambonus Petrus, allied to the king of Spain and grateful for it, encircling Mariano IV, Giudice d'Arborea, attempted military action to conquer all of Sardinia - anno 1369. Currently, the last name Camba and present in 32 Common Italians of which 15 in Sardinia: Cagliari 113, Quartu SE 23, Oristano 21, etc. Cambedda and present in 46 Common Italian, of which 26 in Sardinia: Teulada 27, Nuoro 23, Cagliari 19, etc. Camboni and in 156 Common Italian, of which 65 in Sardinia: Sassari 71, Plaghe 62, Cagliari 62, Sennori 53, Quartu SE 38, etc. Cambosu and present in 9 Italian municipalities of which 8 in Sardinia: Nuoro 44, Ozieri 6, Sassari 6, Cagliari 5, Olbia 3, etc. Chancellery and present in 38 Common Italians of which 18 in Sardinia: Nurallao 33, Cagliari 27, Neoneli 26.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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