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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Canesi


Canese is typically Ligurian, from La Spezia, La Spezia, Portovenere, Follo, and Genoa, Canesi has various stocks in the Lombardy, Piacenza, Liguria and Carrarese areas, particularly in Milan in Milan and Monza and in Cremona, in Piacenza, in Genoa, and in Carrara, with a stock also in Pisa, in San Giuliano Terme and in Pisa, Canesio, practically unique, would seem Pugliese, Canisi, almost unique, is from the Piacenza area, Canessa is specific to the Genoese, Rapallo and Genoa, with small stocks in Santa Margherita Ligure, always in the Genoese, Livorno and Piombino in Livorno and in Monte Argentario in the Grosseto area, they should all derive from medieval alterations of the Latin cognomen Canesius or Canisius, whose diffusion increased during the Renaissance for the worship of the Father Jesuit Saint Peter Canisio whose Latinized surname in Canisius derives from the Dutch Kanijs, we remember that great was the devotion of this saint of 1500 in Switzerland, in Austria and in southern Germany.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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