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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cardamoni


Cardamone has a main nucleus in Calabria between Catanzaro and Cosenza with a stock also in the Salerno area, cardamons, it is almost unique, they should derive from nicknames originating from the name of an aromatic plant. We find traces of this surname in Rogliano (CS) in 1600 when the Cardamone family is mentioned among the nobles, in Parenti (CS) in 1700 the civic captain is Giuseppe Cardamone. additions provided by Fabio Paolucci - Salerno The surname Cardamone is the surname of the ancient Italian term cardamone, derived from the Latin cardamomum, in turn originated from the Greek kardamomon, composed by the words kardamon and amomon, with the respective meanings of watercress and amomo. The cardamone, in the current lexicon cardamom, is therefore a large perennial herbaceous plant, with yellowish flowers wrapped in spate, which grows spontaneously on the Malabar coast and which is cultivated above all for its fruits, whose seeds for centuries are industrially employed for various uses. In all likelihood, the term cardamone was attributed to the progenitor as a nickname, in relation to the type of activity carried out, and subsequently known as known. In fact, the use of cardamone seeds, brown on the outside and white on the inside, starchy and with an aromatic odor, was reserved in the past centuries for a limited number of activities: the thick oil obtained from such seeds, containing mostly starch , sugar, water and cellulose, it was widely used in liquor and pastry because of the almost camphor-like smell and the refreshing taste. A greater use of this massively imported substance also in Italy, however, was done in medicine as a carminative eupeptic in the form of a tincture. Consequently, those who had to deal almost daily with the cardam were the doctors and pharmacists, or so-called apothecaries, who most often transmitted their precious and profitable activity from father to son: it is therefore possible that the surname Cardamone originated in the Middle Ages primarily from the lucrative activity of the apothecary, or, less likely, from the craft trades of pastry chefs or liqueur producers. In addition to the derivation from the aforementioned activities, one could also hypothesize a very possible origin for the Campanian and Calabrian strains from the dialectal word cardamone, with the meaning of dormouse newborn, therefore sleepyhead. Even today, in fact, in Campania the expression you're really a cardamon is used or you are just a cardalimone to joke in a teasing sense a person who is too easily distracted or a classic good natured. Among the illustrious personages with this surname it should be pointed out Mons. Andrea Cardamone, archbishop of Rossano between the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century. additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Cardamone is a Calabrese and Sicilian surname which, according to Rohlfs, comes from the dialectal term 'cardamune' = newborn of dormouse '. Rohlfs 66.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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