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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Carfi


Carfi is absolutely rare, it could be of Calabrian origin and derive from the toponym Carfidi, which gave rise to the current Carfizzi (KR), Carfì is instead specific to Ragusa. - additions provided by cav. prof. G.ppe Carfì of Serra Rovetto Boscopiano Carfì is a Norman surname from English carf = sculptor in wood, see Geoffrey Chaucer, born between 1340 and 1345, the English Dante Alighieri, I Racconti di Canterbury, group A, verse 100; in modern English carv. Other scholars would derive the surname Carfì from the Greek chiodo (K ??????) = Carfì, due to the assonance of the two words in Magna Grecia; more than anything else due to the fact that there lived a branch of the Carfì (don Guillelmus). This lineage came before 1145 (sale of land in Scordia di Catania, mentioned by Garufi in Unpublished Documents of the Norman Age, Palermo 1899) from Normandy, settled in the County of Modica (90% the current province of Ragusa) in Chiaramonte Gulfi, where he flourished with a Magnificent Nicolò, who with his family was among the first inhabitants of this town, died out in this town in the century. XV. The glories of this illustrious family, whose members always had the treatment of Magnifico, were remembered in a sepulchral plaque (currently existing under the current marble floor that covered all at the beginning of 1800) erected in the Mother Church in 1572, as he recalls in the book Chiaramontane Family History of 1903 the Baron Corrado Melfi of S. Maria. The Chiaramonte branch had a Pietro, Simone and brother sac. Simone. Two branches of this prosapia had already passed to Ragusa and Vittoria, and another branch to Santa Severina (Crotone) in 1326, where Don Guillelmus Carfì resided (Vendola, Rationes Decimarum Italiae, 13th and 14th century, year 1939), from which the city of Carfizzi, Carfici, Carfidi was born in the area. Even in Ragusa they were treated by Magnifico even before 1540. Alfonsina, daughter of the Magnifico Pietro, again in 1540, contracted marriage with Antonino Ventura, a nobleman from Modica. A Giovanni appears with the title of Magnifico from 1572 to 1600. A Nicolò was Mastro Notaro in 1644. A Giovannula married Barone Serravalli and a Margherita the Jurisconsult Mariano de Mulé. Here, from the marriage of the Magnificent Gaetano Carfì with Carmela Lami, was born on 2.6.1772 Concetta Marcellina, married to the Ragusan nobleman Angelo Geronimo Rosario Cappello (Archive Church of S. Giorgio in Ragusa Ibla). Also in Vittoria, they had the treatment of Don (Don Emanuele, Donna Maria (birth records of his son Giuseppe in 1865), etc.) and is quoted several times in the book Memorie Storiche di Vittoria of 1877 by Baron Paternò Castello di Pozzobollente. In the early 1600s the city of Vittoria was founded on the territories of the Municipality of Chiaramonte Gulfi and Comiso. The Carfì already lived, before this foundation, in the Serra Rovetto territory and in the Feudo Boscopiano (Vittoria areas), as attested by ancient maps, and also the current (2004) topographic maps of the IGM, Military Geographical Institute), official maps of Italy, territory at that time of Chiaramonte Gulfi). They were Guglielmo Carfì, who in February 1586 received "salmas duas terrae in Feudo Nemoris (Bosco) Plani in contrata de Sabugi, confinantes cum via for the Comiso", and Filippo Carfì who received other "salmas duas terrae in Feudo Nemoris Plani, in contrata Pirayno, confinantes cum via for the Biscari (Acate), (in: Francesco Ereddia, Vittoria Storia e Tradizione, vol. II, The County of Modica, I Feudi Cammarana, Boscopiano and Dirillo, XV and XVI centuries, editions of the Municipality of Vittoria, and State Archives of Modica) The Carfì validly contributed to the Foundation of the City of Vittoria (Colonna, daughter of Marcantonio) - not to be confused with the poetess -, wife of Count Henriquez Cabrera, viceroy of Spain in Sicily, in the County of Modica, founder of the city on 24 April 1607 in the territory of Boscopiano, with Giuseppe in 1614 (concession No. 37), Martino on 19.10.1616 (conc. N. 172), Vito in 1617 (conc. N. 189, Archive of State of Modica) Here a brother of Don Emanuele, Gi ambattista, both sons of Marcello, married in 1763 with Felicia Manciapani. The branch of Don Emanuele, gave rise to other branches: Carfì Pavia, Carfì Scalone (extinct branch), Carfì Ingallina then Carfì Linares, all with double family names. The first Giurate of Vittoria was precisely Giuseppe Carfì (Barone Paternò Castello, Historical Memoirs of Vittoria, from 1609 to 1799, edition 1877), descending from the other Giuseppe (1614), and who always Paternò, on page 30 mentions that a document of 1763 "contains the signatures of the Primaries of the place, including Giuseppe Carfì certainly descendant from the elder Giuseppe, first Giurato di Vittoria", who appears as one of the first signatories of the territorial agreement of 1614 (free allocation of almost 4 hectares of land, houses and tax exemption for 15 years). The Carfi emblem is mentioned by Pluchinotta on page. 25 of the Blasonario of the County of Modica published in Syracuse in 1934, and always by the same author is the article published in 1932, year XXX of the Rivista del Collegio Araldico, where he still mentions the emblem. Currently the family, which has deposited both Weapons (coats of arms), endorsed by the Ministry of Industry with copyright and also by the Spanish Ministry of Grace and Justice, and whose unauthorized reproduction represents a crime, with request for civil damages) is represented by the baron cav. prof. Giuseppe Carfì of Serra Rovetto Boscopiano (this by birth). additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Carfì is a Sicilian surname that derives from the Greek 'karfì' = nail. Rohlfs 63.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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