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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Casamassa


Casamassa has a stock in Foiano Di Val Fortore (BN). additions provided by Fabio Paolucci Casamassa is the surname belonging to a single family origin of Foiano Valfortore in the province of Benevento: all the Casamassas scattered in Italy and in the world due to the phenomenon of emigration from the South of our Country, originate in this small Samnite center. The founder of the Casamassas was a certain Giovanni Carlo, born in Foiano in 1595, dedicated to agricultural activity. Over the centuries some branches of the Casamassas improved their social status by becoming farmers who owned the lands they cultivated. From the etymological point of view, the surname under analysis could derive from the Apulian toponym Casamassima (BA), widely distributed as a surname in the whole of Puglia up to the Capitanata bordering the Sannio. It is probable that the progenitor of the Casamassa family, one or more generations before the aforementioned Giovanni Carlo (first to be documented in the parish archives of Foiano), arrived during the sixteenth century in the small Samnite center, where due to a wrong understanding of the original surname Casamassima was later transcribed in documents such as Casamassa. Another hypothesis, perhaps less plausible than the previous one, would trace the origin of the same surname in the municipality of Foiano, towards the beginning of the sixteenth century, from the fusion of the two terms Casa and Massa, probably deriving from a local toponym. Among the two hypotheses, the first would seem more compelling, according to which the Casamassa family of Campania should be connected to the more ancient and widespread strain of the Casamassima of Puglia. additions provided by Nicola Casamassa - Verona in 1195, Emperor Henry VI granted Guidotto Massimo "pro se et heredibus" the feud of Casamassima in Puglia with the obligation to change the name from Massimo to Casamassima. Later, due to a mistake, Frederick II dismissed from the ownership Giovanni, son of Guidotto. Corrado IV, son of Frederick II and his heir, in his passage from Casamassima, in April 1252, returned the fief to Roberto, son of Giovanni. (See parchment preserved in the historical archive of the National Library of Bari; see the website of the Municipality of Casamassima). Subsequent historical events may have forced Casamassima to emigrate and change the name from Casamassima to Casamassa.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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