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Cicala e tipico del centrosud, del Lazio centromeridionale, del Casertano out of the Neapolitan della Puglia, in particolare del barese out of the Tarentum, del potentin out of the salernitano, della Calabria ed in particolare della Sicilia, del messinese e catanese, Cigala has a ceppo Lombardia nel basso bresciano, cremonese, lodigiano, piacentino out of the parmense, ed uno siciliana nel messinese, catanzarese in the o dall'antico on Some cases to be potrebbero, shift the dal toponimo toponimo Castel Cicala Cicala nel nel Nolan, MA, molto piu probabilmente, surnamed derivano o give the name of the gods of arabia italianizzazioni come for example Jalal Khalil oh oh ebraici come Kelaiah, Kehelahath o Jucal, net of the war against the Turks if può leggere "..Sinan Chicala why Hibraimo the leader's office and First Visiriatu succeed. why is removed from service, and in Bursio relegated . Why did not favor the Venetian. the Mecchi. the reason for the present campaign of the Turkish declaration .. "un principio di questo cognominizzazioni le delta Decree troviamo in a court of Emperor iale di Federico del 2, 1230: "..Herricum Vigne at the time Castellan Scafati and Castellimaris establishing subscriptions Bauclumo Judge Walter of Salerno and Judge Walter summit, in which we have seen that the notary Thomas D. Cicala set by the same manager Herrico for the court to set Palmerium D. Bishop Stabiensem .. ", will net di ebreo catanese del 1392 si legge:" In the name of the Lord, Amen. In the year of incarnation of the three hundred and ninety-second and twenty-seventh day of the month of August fifteenth Indicione ruling serene lady Lady, the Queen Mary, by the grace of excellent Queen Eleanor of Sicily and the Kingdom Neopatrie ducatuum Athens and its sixteenth year, however, a happy end. We JOHN iss judge state Caithness Anthony Prothopapa a public city Cathanie notary and witnesses below, namely, Grison Di Lu Presti, Aron Acton, Muximellus Salah Life of David Merdoc Gina, Iusep Chicala, Jacob, David, Merdoc Levi Sabbatini of Messina to specifically called and asked to present public to understand ... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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