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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cinus


Chighine is typical of Sassari, Sassari, Cheremule and Usini, with a block in Olbia and Cagliari, Chighini and specifics of Meana Sardo, of Sassari and Porto Torres in the Sassarese, dovrebbero entrambi derived from the soprannomi originated from the end sardo chighiniì (briciola) , it was motivated by a particularly minute corporation of Capostipite, Cinellu, very strange, has a fence to Bono and Sassari in it to be cleared to Cagliari, Cinisi and practically unique and close to the Medio Campidano, Cinus and specific to the south of Sardegna, there is a log Cagliaritano, Monastir, Burcei, Quartu Sant'Elena, Sinnai, Cagliari, Villasalto, Muravera, Selargius, Villaputzu and Assemini, to Sant'Anna Arresi and San Gavino Monreale in the Medio Campidano. Integrations provided by Franco Pettinato in the Cognitive Dictionary of Cognomi di Sardegna by M. Pittau, whose name is Chighine, comes from the Sardinian farmer (coal hobbing), which I am convinced by a name to make. In Sardinia and also present the Chighinele place name. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CHIGHINE; CHIGHINI; CINELLU; CINUS; CINISU: Kixína, kinìya, cinéma, cinéma, cinza, cinti, cinixi, ciixinu, cinus, etc. I know how much variant I am going to say to my grandmother or even my grandfather, eat the synonyms canu and murru; These last ones are generally referred to the color dei capelli. Whoever lives in Campidano but uses the expression: color of gigitna, to indicate the color of the burning and dark, and bright, corresponds to the logudorese shia. The root of the threads and the legacy of the Greek ?????, means you also have dust. Cixinèdda Cinixeda or Kinijeda or Chighinèdda and Cenerentola delle Fiabe. Chighine and start dreaming about the logic of the Logudoro; cinus, cinisu, cinïxu from the center south dell'isola. There is a name for Cinisu, also very rare and in a single Sardinian community: to Villacidro, with about 9 appearances. Pure cinello means cenerino, color cenere. All the variants derive from Latin cinus or cinis and from various variations in romance languages; citiamo a timio il toscano cinigia, the Romanian centenary. Other similar maps are the following: Signature of Pace di Eleonora, LPDE, from 1388 with the Cinus variant: Cinus Nicolao, vile Selluri (Sanluri - Seddori) - and Chinus (?) Margiano, Selluri - (** Selluri - Sedduri - Seddori: odierno Sanluri. Et ego Capula Marcus .sindicus, actor et procurator ville Selluri.seu to Petro De Castay, captain and Margiano Costa locator, locatenente potestatis terre Selluri et omnibus habitatoribus dictare terre, congregatis. X die januarii 1388). Currently Ghighine and present in 59 Common Italian, of which 26 in Sardinia: Sassari 44, Cheremule 30, Cagliari 24, Olbia 18, etc. Chighini and present in 21 Italian cities, of which 11 in Sardinia: Meana Sardo 29, Sassari 17, Porto Torres 125, etc. Cinus and present in 98 Communes, of which 41 in Sardinia: Monastir 71, Burcei 70, Quartu SE 58, Sinnai 54, Cagliari 32, etc. Five and present in 18 Common Italian, of which 11 in Sardinia: Bono 14, Cagliari 13, Sassari 12, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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