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Coccollone is specific of Fonni in the Nuoro area, Coccolone, almost unique, is a variant probably due to an error in transcription of the previous one, could derive from a nickname originated from a Sardinian term Logudurese for dwarf, probably to emphasize a particularly low stature of the progenitor. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas COCCOLLONE; COCCOLONE: cuddly (coccoll? I), means on the shoulder, lead to cuddly, in the central dialects and in Logudoro (Wagner) = to carry with the legs around the neck, which we in Campidano call a peis in coddu, with the legs on narrow shoulders around the neck. Here in Campidano (and not only) moreover, to transport a sack, generally full in half, or grains, or olives or almonds or other, with a string it binds the end of the sack itself so as to obtain a kind of "cap"> cugullòni> cugull? i (in Latin cucullus), to put on the head, and the rest on the shoulders. By making appropriate holes in the bag (for example to put out the head and legs) a child can be transported very well and comfortably, not with the legs tight around the neck, but on the sides of the transporter. Finally, we are convinced (not in perfect agreement with Wagner) that "a coccollone" of the central dialects corresponds exactly to this way of transporting a person, probably a child (especially on mountain paths). Currently the surname Coccolone is present in 11 Italian Municipalities, of which 10 in Sardinia: Fonni 57, Nuoro 15, Cagliari 8, etc. Coccolone is present in 5 Municipalities of Sardinia: Fonni14, Villanovatruschedu 8, Oristano 3.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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