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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Congiu


Congera, very rare, and specific of the Cagliaritan, Congia and specific of the Medio Campidano, in particular of Sanluri, but also of San Gavino Monreale and Villacidro, Cagliari and Fluminimaggiore and Iglesias nell'iglesiente, Congiu and typical Sardinian, dovrebbero derive from soprannomes originated from the conjoint word or spouse and the end of the Sardinian language to define a certain type of terra cotta, wherever I would like to indicate, with much probability, vestiio, but it is also possible to make a reference to anecdotes recalled there memory of what's over Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CONGIA; I CONJOY: your comment (log.), Your congiu (camp.) And a glass of terracotta ed and also a measure of liquid, equivalent to three liters (of it own value of each). It comes from latin congius. In Campidanese, your congiali or congiali or conale or coniale / i, and the jug, say even the mariga. Your love is a little snack> the pearl's. I wrote also that Congiu and the name of a medieval village, villa, building, no longer existent: it was located in the territory of San Vero Congius (100 anime - Simaxis (ORE), an autonomous time, it is located on a side of the Tirso river, followed by the flood of 1918 and the restoration of the country, the survivors transferred to the other side of the river, for greater security. Near the dell'ondazione of 1918, famous rima the Sardinian comedy by Antonio Garau - " Basciùra "). In the meantime and the end of Congia, I maintain a common reservation. Come cognome, even in various variants, and present negligent old documents from the consulted ones. Among the signatories of the Pace di Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, figurine: Congia (de) Guantino, jurat ville Sernische (* Sernische.distrutto. Senusthe? Semische? Semistes? Campitani Majoris); Congiu Anthonius - of Aristanni (Oristano: *** Aristanni: list of names of the signatories of the PETIZIONE. Everyone and marketer dictates the correctness of the pastors bestiaminum et quorum difficult time delayed. ° CCC ° .LXXXVIII ° et etc); Congiu Guantino, Montis Leonis town (Montis Leonis.odierno Monteleone Roccadoria. Caputabas). In the Condal of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, XI, XIIIth century abbiamo, at the end. 97, Terico Coniale and Samaridanu Coniali, testimony in one shop: I bought Peter of Ardu, fiancée of Comissão Sepis and Elene d'Ardu, of Food of Kerchi.etc. Always in CSMB, at the end. 55: I bought Mariane Zokella and assu ciu (zio) land, having jumped (nei pressi del salto) mine and fegilli tremiere complilli (glielo paid for it in turn). Teste Troodori Cuniale. In the Counts of St. Nicholas of Trullas, XI, XIII, Abbiamo secular: Conia (de) Ianne, presbiteru (prete), testes in a land swap: you step on your archbishop Alberto. Ego dumped his leap from Campeta (Campeda), Latus et Buchellu (the methane and a quarter = three quarters), etc. Head. 46 is the town of Conia Iorgia, served in the dome of Iusta de Capacennor in Borgonani (villa scomparsa, probably located in the Cuarriegi di Caputabas - region of Sardinia, today comprises the Bed and Breakfast of Bessùde, Cherèmule, Cossoine, Giave, Mara, Monteleone Roccadoria, Padria, Pozzomaggiore, Romana and Tiesi). Currently known as Congia and present in 95 Italian communities, of which 43 in Sardinia: Sanluri 187, Cagliari 92, Fluminimaggiore 77, Iglesias 72, etc. Congiu and present in 444 Italian cities, of which 166 in Sardinia: Cagliari 418, Oliena 207, Quartu 176, Capoterra 133, Villasalto 98, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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