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Corazza is widespread throughout the north and in the province of Rome, is particularly present in the Veneto and in the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara, Corazzi is instead typical of the central belt that includes the Rimini area, the Pesaro area, the Florentine area, the Aretino area and the Perugia area. a strain also in Rome, Corazze is unique while Corazzo is almost unique, Corazzini is sporadically present in central-northern Italy, with small stocks in Massa, Rome and Pescara and Pescara and Popoli, should derive from the medieval name Coraza of which we have an example in Coraza canonarius in palatio Pupii, quoted in a text of the time, or even with Coraza Ubaldini that in 1302 was exiled, together with the poet Dante Alighieri, from Florence, as can be read in the Chronicle of Dino Compagni: ". ..Of April 1302, having asked for many Ghibelline citizens, and Guelphs from Parte bianca, he condemned the Uberti, the Scolari, de 'Lamberti, Abati, Soldanieri, Rinaldeschi, Migliorelli , Tebaldini: and he dispersed and confined the whole family of the Cerchi; Messer Baldo, Messer Biligiardo, Baldo of Messer Talano and Baschiera Tosinghi; Messer Goccia is the son, Corso di Messer Forese, and Baldinaccio Adimari; Messer Vanni de 'Mozi, Messer Manetto and Vieri Scali, Naldo Gherardini, the Counts of Gangalandi, Messer Neri da Gaville, Messer Lapo Salterelli, Messer Donato of Messer Alberto Ristori, Orlanduccio Orlandi, Dante Allighieri who was an ambassador in Rome, the sons of Lapo Arrighi, the Ruffoli, the Angelotti, the Ammuniti, Lapo del Biondo and 'sons, Giovangiacotto Malispini, the Tedaldi, the Coraza Ubaldini, ser Petracca of ser Parenzo from the Ancisa, notary to the Rinformagioni; Masino Cavalcanti and some of his consorts; Messer Betto Gherardini, Donato and Teghia Finiguerri, Nuccio Galigai and Tignoso de 'Macci; and many others: that they were more of DC men, who were struggling for the world, those here and those there ... ", but they may also have been originated, directly or through hypocoristic nicknames related to the word armor, deriving from the whether the forefather had played in the army, or by episodes that referred to a particular physical or moral resistance of the same.We find traces of these surnames in Bologna at the beginning of the 1700s with Ercole Corazzi as a scholar and scientist, or even in Cortona (AR ) with Galeotto Corazzi.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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