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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cordedda


Cordedda and typically Sardinian, of Sassari and Banari in it, Sardinia, Serramanna in the Medio Campidano and Selargius and Villasor in the cagliaritano, Cordello and cagliaritano, Cagliari, Selargius, San Basilio, Suelli, Quartu Sant'Elena and San Sperate, Cordella It has an origins from Puglie, province of Lecce and Brindisi, and one of the province of Naples, from the dovrebbero derived from the archaic nicknames. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CORDEDDA; CORDEDDU; CORDELLA: your knife, your cord, your rope or the codebook, and a little lamb, a cordon. Whoever in Campidan prefers me to finish cardiologist or cardio = funicella, spago. It was derived from all of this Catalan cord or even Dalí old Catalan cordiglio. It also has an old regional voice and voice, often frequented by Veneto. Always drifting on the Italian rope and the Latin chord. We find the names in ancient documents of the Sardinian language. Among the signatories of the Pace di Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, we find: Cordedda Joanne, town of Sardara (** SARDARA MONTIS REGALIS ... 11 GENNAIO 1388, and ego ... Gadulesu Margiano old man Sardara, sindicus actor et procurator universitatis Contrate Montis Regalis et Villarum et etc. In Posse Virde Andrea, Virde Joanne, of Civitate Sasseri, public notaries, from the 11th Januarii 1388); Cordedda Michele, vile Selluri (** Selluri - Sedduri - Seddori: odierno Sanluri. Et ego Capula Marcus .sindicus, actor et procurator ville Selluri.seu to Petro De Castay, captain and Margiano Costa locator, locatenente potestatis terre Selluri et omnibus habitatoribus dictate terre, congregatis. X die januarii 1388); Cordedda Petro, city of Sardara; Cordedda Petro, vile Selluri; Joanne Cord, Sworn Salansi Town (* Salanis.distrutto. Campitani Majoris). Currently the name of Crdedda is present in 53 Italian municipalities, of which 18 in Sardinia: Sassari 53, Serramanna 37, Banari 23, etc. Shamrock and present in 21 Common Sardines: Cagliari 54, Selargius 43, San Basiglio 38, etc. Cardella and present in 238 Italian cities, of which 15 in Sardinia: Sassari 38, Buschi 11, Cagliari 10, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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