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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cortis


Cortes, absolutely rare, has scattered presences in Sardinia, Cortis, decidedly Sardinian, quite rare, has a strain in Cagliari and Capoterra in Cagliari, in Terralba nell'oristanese and in Villanovafranca in the Medio Campidano. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas CORTE; CORTES; SHORT; CORTIS: short, short or even cooked, in Sardinian it has the meaning of enclosure of animals, but sometimes also of courtyard. In the houses of the villages of Sardinia, for example, there was the double courtyard, sa corti de basciu and sa corti de susu, also called sa pràtza de bàsciu and sa pràtza de sùsu. In medieval Sardinia sa corte was the space, more or less fenced, dedicated to grazing and resting the flocks of minute cattle: sheep or goats. In Italian, as in Sardinian, it also has the meaning of Court or Curia, that is to say the palace or Administrative Office of Justice. They all come from the Latin cohortis = courtyard, enclosure, closed, but also bevy, crowd, mob etc. The term "còrti" appears in the ancient papers of Sardinia, in its various uses: in the Carta de Logu of Arborea, we have: sa Corti de Spendiu> .mandit (the offender, to be judged) .in Aristanis a sa Corti de Spendiu ( the word "spendiu" is of uncertain etymology, according to most of the Sardinian language scholars, we believe it is the incorrect transcription of "speddiu" in the sense of justice = supreme court of justice, for a condemned to death> spèddiu, from speddiai = skinning, but used in the sense of executing, condemning to death). Still in the Carta de Logu, the term "court" has different meanings, albeit similar: court like palace; court as a high judicial board; court as a curia or place where justice is administered. In the whole of Sardinia, court in Logudoro and courts in Campidano, are very frequent toponyms: sa corti de is bois = the enclosure of oxen, etc. As last names are widespread throughout Sardinia since the early Middle Ages and are present in the ancient documents of the Sardinian language. Among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, are: Cortis (de) Benedicto, ville Mahara (* Mahara - Barbaraquesa. Arbarei - Villamar. Contrate Marmille); Cortis (de) Gunnario, Fodorachi villas (* Fodorachi.distrutto: village of Meylogu. Contrate de Ardar et Meylogu); Cortis (de) Seraphino, jurato ville Petra Veurra (* Petra Veurra.distrutto. Campitani Majoris); Cortis (de) - Ventura Franciscus - de Aristanni (*** Aristanni = Oristano: list of the names of the signatories of the PETITION. Omnes cives mercatores et habitatores dicte civitatis.nisi pastores bestiaminum et quorum dificulter demorari not ableantant congregated. Brings date: die XIIII mensis Januarii M ° CCC ° LXXXVIII ° et etc.). In the Condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, XI °; 13th century, we have: (1 °) - Corte (de) Comida, mandatore de Rennu (71 °) [in the judicial kingdoms of medieval Sardinia, the mandatore de Rennu was the envoy of the State, that is the embassy appointee, of the messages, of the royal quotations]: ego woman Algaburs, regina de Logu d'Arbore (this is the second wife of the judge Barisone de Serra, married, in second marriage, in 1157, after the death of the first, Pellegrina de Laccon) . ki lli dono (donation of servants) to Sancta Maria de Bonarcatu on latus (half of the service) ki avìa in Lugìa, sa fiia de Egizu Figos. Bennit Comida de Corte, mandator de Sancte Eru (San Vero) in Bonarcatu for commandment woman (Algabursa) et positilla in sa manu dessu Prior Armannu. (2nd) - Corte Iorgi (70), heads in a land purchase, by the Prior Armanno: ego prior ... comporeilli (I bought) to Abisatu et Race Cankella.plaza in Collevane (in the countryside of Bonarcado). Currently the surname Corte is present in 196 Italian Municipalities, but in only 3 in Sardinia: Cagliari 19, Maracalagonis 3 Quartu SE 3. Cortes is present in 22 Italian Municipalities, 10 of which in Sardinia: Cagliari 13, Benetutti 9, Quartu 9, etc. Corti is present in 948 Italian Municipalities, with the largest stocks in Lombardy and Tuscany. In Sardinia it is present in 12 Municipalities: Monserrato 12, Sassari 11, Cagliari 11, etc. Cortis is present in 58 Italian Municipalities of which 19 are in Sardinia: Cagliari 29, Terralba 17, Villanovafranca 16, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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