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And the ravens e, by spreading abroad in Lombardy, soprattutto in provincia di Sondrio, nel Piacentino, nel Ternana e nel Lazxio, Corvina e, as it were by a single, the Corvini, sembra essere their Original della zona fra Ferrara e Bologna, Corvino e molto and distributed in Campania, Puglia, soprattutto nel foggiano out of the Salento net from the net Cosentino, raven spread out in Lazio, Molise, Campania from Sicily, dovrebbero derived from the Latin name Joe o dal dal ipocoristico his surname, di questi abbiamo named in a negligence Hannalt gods Annals example: "... just because of the size to power the slow to check them, and the services of the people and that of the citizens of the laws of the audacity of the aid took the ex-consul, a seditious man, who, by it the virtue to fear. Messala Corvinus was lost within a few days of the war was ended, as not knowing it, and the exercise of the power of ... ", the Code Diplomatico della Lombardia Medioevale e nel sotto l ' in 1158 from New York: "... to judge how well they decide they want him to be errogatarii Joe priest as the guardian of the church of San Lorenzo and lawfully Vivian Priest's the same church and said Arnaud de la Porta ... ", tracce di qucste cognominizzazioni troviamo le gia nel Castiglione in 1189 from the sale Carta:" In the year of our Lord eleven hundred and eighty-ninth day of June, seventh . A sale made to the property owners and the certificate of Libellaria Anselmino, the son of Newcastle on Cuzego and green, his wife, who professed to be the life of the Lombards that for her husband and Mondoaldo and to whom the green on his wife to vote and confirming below and just law with information about the nearest to my parents, they were my father Joe Guy ... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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