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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cossu


Typically Sardinian, it is derived from a soprannome legato al vocal dialettale cossu (tinozza, catino), potrebbe also derives from the diatomal cusco (Corsica). Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas COSSU: his body, in field .; your body in log = corpetto (of the feminine custom), or linen shirt; species of gypsy (gippone), from Catalan body = body. Cossiu in campidanese and barbaricino, a logudorese body and also have a fish tank or marinade; dal catalano cossi = glass of cooked earth to wash clothes; in coated aragonese; Italian dali coccio = ordinary cottage. His body is also the crest of the devil, from the Catalan side of his body. Ricordiamo, then Cossu o Cossi and the name of an old abitated center, abandoned: medieval villa (located), located on the hill Mount Cossu, in Agri di Isili; They belonged to the Curator of Siurgus, in the Jewish kingdom of Cariari; He then made part of the Catalan Kingdom - Aragon of Sardinia; He definitely spopolated at the end of the sixteenth century (Di Sto. Sa); There is also a mention in the work of I. F Fara, "In Sardiniae Chorographiam" pag. 218/4. Diffused throughout Sardinia, with variants and derivatives, without old days. Among the signatories of the Pace di Eleonora in 1388, figurine: Cossu (de) Anthonio, Laconi (** Laconi.et Contrate Partis Alença et etc. Atara Barçolo, officiate Curatorie d'Alença Part. In posse Penna Ambrosii and filii Guiducii ( Penna) notary ... die twelfth januarii 1388. (nisi pastores bestiarium) et etc.); Cossu (de) Joanne, ville Iscopediu (Escovedu - Partis de Montibus); Cossu Barçòlu, sworn to Gestori Town (Gesturi - Contrate Marmille); Cossu Comita, majore ville Nuraci Niello (Nuragi Nieddu - Campitani Mayoris); Cossu Guantinus - of Aristanni (*** Aristanni: follows the list of the names of the signatories of the PETIZIONE.Omnes cives marketers and homeowners dictate civitatis.nisi pastores bestiaminum et quorum dificulter demorari non poterant.congregati. It takes the date: die XIIII mensis Januarii M ° CCC ° .LXXXVIII ° et etc; Cossu Joanne, jurat ville Orani; Cossu Joanne, ville Lorraine (* Forru.Villanova Lire; Bidda Noa de Lille; Collinas. Partis de Montibus); Cossu Juliano, jurato ville Barumela (* Barumela.Mogorella? Partis de Montibus); Cossu Nicolao, ville Tuyli (* Tuyli.odierno Tuili. Contrate Marmille); Cossu Petro - de Bosa. In the history of Cossu, between Giovanni Antonio, (Cuglieri 1725 - 1796) .Other agli studios He was also a founder of the Physics Expert in the University of Cagliari. In 1786 he was appointed Bishop of Bosa and in those years he founded the Diocesan Seminary at Cuglieri. Giuseppe Cossu, cagliaritano (1939 - 1837): storico ed economist, participated in the reformed conduct conducted by Minister Gianbattista Lorenzo Bogino. It could be considered the great cousin of Sardinian modern economist. He has also published many types of economics and also, in the Sardinian language he operates: "Istruzionis pro is administratives of is Montis Granaticus of the departments of Sa Reali Diocesan Council of Casteddu". His most famous book remains: "La coltivazione dei gelsi and the propaganda dei filugelli in Sardegna."; Redatto with the attempt to give me the signature of the manufacture della Seda. (Di Sto. Sa. - by FC Casula). Currently, the last name Cossu and present in 640 Italian municipalities, of which 227/377, in Sardinia: Sassari 813, Cagliari 474, Tempio 236, Olbia 204, etc. In the peninsula and Rome, the highest number of Cossu, with Ben 422.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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