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Widespread throughout Italy, it should derive from nicknames originating from toponyms such as: Costa (TV), Costa Calcinara (PD), Costa d'Arcevia (AN) and many others. additions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi On the origin of the surname Costa, in reality, at least two hypotheses converge, which, added together, justify the very high frequency in the whole country. On the one hand, in fact, the toponymy has certainly played a decisive role in the formation of the surname, given the large number of toponyms formed by the costa costa (to be honest, most are found in northern Italy, but this does not exclude a topographical origin also for the southern coast families, that is to say the conformation of the territory from which the progenitors came from: the term costa, in fact, does not only indicate the sea coast, but also the shore of a river, of a lake or still the side of a mountain and this then explains the wide diffusion of the surname also in the hinterland of the country. Moving on to the second hypothesis, it must be said that in many cases the surname Costa derives from the Greek name Costas or Kostas, born for apocope by the name Konstantinos (the Latin Constantinus, diminutive of Constans, meaning firm, constant; see Fermo and Durante); the spread of this name throughout Europe (mostly continental) is due above all to the figure of Constantine the Great (272 AD - 337 AD), the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire (in his honor Byzantium was renamed Constantinople). It must be said, then, that this hypothesis of onomastic origin can be applied above all to the southern coast families, following the ancient presence of the colonies of Magna Graecia (which greatly influenced the formation of several southern surnames), but it is not by no means excluded that the name Costa was also used in the north and central north of the country (as happens in the case of Greek names with a long tradition). In conclusion, therefore, Costa derives from the surname or nicknames of toponymic origin or the personal names of the founders. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas COSTA: it is a surname widespread throughout Italy, but depending on the region in which it is present, it takes on different meanings, however attributable to the same nominal root and to the same etymology, which is based on the Latin costa. In Italian, costa is synonymous with rib, side, side, horizontal line, back, edge, rib, coast, riviera, etc. Even in Sardinian it assumes, mostly the same meanings of Italian. In Sardinian surnames, however, it usually means high ground, costa de monti (mountainside), so much so that in ancient documents of the Sardinian language it is always preceded by "de", to indicate the origin. In all of Sardinia it is also frequent as a toponym. Among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora LPDE of 1388, there are: Costa (de) Petro, ville Selluri (** Selluri - Sedduri - Seddori: today's Sanluri. Et ego Capula Marcus. Syndicus, actor and procurator ville Selluri.seu in Petro De Castay, capitulant locuntenente and Margiano Costa, potestatis locuntenente terre Selluri et omnibus habitatoribus dicte terre, congregatis X die januarii 1388); Costa "de" Joannes, Algueri villas. (** Ville Algueri.odierno Alghero. Camella Bernardus, Bos Franciscus, Ferret Anthonius mayors, actores et procuratores.et nos, superius named: Serra (de) Thomas, chambers major; Pancie Comita, sub cancellarius; Case Anthonio procuratores.et singulos homines civitatum Sasseri et Ville Ecclesiarum ac loci Telluri et locorum Mole de Posata and Iscle de Galtelì ac Contrate de Baronia .et ego De Vieri Jacobus praedictus tutor et curator datus etiam adsignatus nobles Marianus filio (of Eleonora and Brancaleone Doria) Fideiussores Donnum De Villa Gonnarium and Donnum Musca Bartholomeum, cives Aristanni Presentibus: Marinella Torbino, Polvirella Anthonio, Sirgo Barçòlo, civibus Aristanni.In die vigesima mensis Januarii, year thousandth CCCLXXXVIII - 1388). In history we remember: Costa Enrico (Sassari 1841 - 1909), writer, writer and journalist. He was administrator and archivist of the Municipality of Sassari. His most important works are: "the Archive of the Municipality of Sassari" and many other notes and numerous articles on his city, but the major work is "Sassari - history, tradition, characters", from its origins until 1885. We also remember: Costa Vittorio Amedeo, balio and count of the Trinity, viceroy of Sardinia from 1755 to 1758; Costa Francesco Luigi, balio and count of the Trinity, viceroy of Sardinia from 1763 to 1767. Currently the surname Costa is present in 2560 Municipalities, of which 59 in Sardinia: Cagliari 235, Nuoro 92, Sassari 80, etc. In the peninsula it is Rome that has the highest number with 1411; follow: Genoa 1237, Milan 998, Turin 755, Naples 445, etc. In Sicily Messina counts 1208, Palermo 1166, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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