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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Crobu


Corbu, very strange, and typical of Nuoro, Crobu and specific of the western Sardinia, dovrebbero derives from a soprannome originated from the Latin word corbus (corvus), but it is possible only a collegamento with the name of locality on the hill Crobu in the Carbonia zone. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CROBU: crobu, corbu, corvu and corvo, from latino corvus. Whoever in Campidano is crouching (or scaring it) is also the lace or trap who prepares to capture the wildlife: with edge, it may also be spaghetti, nylon, or steel, for blinds. Accrobai = take on, catch with lace. In figurative sense, referring to animals and people as well, if they say: if they are accrued = sleep in the broader; accredits ke cabaxèttas = docked come due lucertole! And frequent in Sardinia comes toponym: crobu nest; sa paba de is crobus; fog fog; nuraghe de crobu (cited in the text of the Fara "In Sardiniae Chorographiam" 126/25: Flumen Balnei oritur ex regionis Carici, do not ask Norace Corbi et in mare decurrit); etc. Come cognome and present in it the old maps we ask about, usually a little crow. Among the signers of the peace of Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, figurine: Corbu Arçoco, majore ville Oddini. (* Oddini .distrutto (also Ollini), from Salto di Orotelli. Curatorie Dore); Corbu Chalituto - ville Terrenove (Olbia); Corbu Cogotti (?), Jury town Sancte Juste (Santa Giusta); Corbu Joanne, Sworn Jury Sindia (Sindia); Corbu Comita, jury Mogoreda (Mogorella); Corbu Maniello, jurado ville Sindia; Corbu Nicolao - town of Donani; (* Donani.esistente, Contrate Montis Acuti - Ozieri); Corbu Nicolaus, Sasseri town; Corbu Sisto, Sporlacu city (* Sporlacu.l'odierna Isporlatu. Curatorie de Anella). Nel Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado, XI, XIIIth century, present sleep: Corbu Barbara (167) in a partition of services: and remanserunt for this common partition (rmasero in common, this partition, in the church of Santa Maria di Oristano and the one of Santa Maria di Bonarcado) .. et Barbara (serva), fiia by Petru Corbu et de Iorgia Martalu.Testes .; Corbu (de) Comita (186) in a donation (to Santa Maria): donate Barbara de Urri and ipsas sierras, in Donigalia noa (Campiotanos Majoris - Donigala Fenugheddu) and in Sacte Eru (San Vero) until the spiro parzone, k'á having ass of Trodori Gaza et ae s'era part ad Petru De Syi. Corbu Iohanne Presbytery (prete) (81), testifies to a service: comporeilli. In the Condal of San Pietro di Silki, XIth, thirteenth century, it is mentioned a locality: Riu de Janne Corbu (nearby the Putzu Passaris: villa - medieval mezzanine today, which was very likely among the agri-Roman and quail of Cheremule). In this story I remember: Crobu Emanuele di Bono; He was a private friend and secretary of Giommaria Angioy (Di Sto. Di Casula FC). Currently the last name Crobu is present in 118 Italian municipalities, of which 612 in Sardinia: Oristano 74, Cagliari 70, Zerfaliu 39, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/


(see CORBU)

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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