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Cucca and sardo del nuorese surname, with a possible sperm in the province of Caserta, which can be derived from the same name from Cuccaro Vetere (SA), Cucco and distributed in tutt'Italia, Cuccu and typical of southern and southern Sardinia, Cuccus, absolutely very rare, and cagliaritano, potrebbero derive from a soprannome dialectal legato al vocabolo sardo cuccu (cuculo). Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CUCCU; CUCCUS: Sardinian cuckoo has several meanings: cuculo; from Latin cuculus .; in Greek ??????. When he's sung his cuccu is on his shoulders = when he sings the cuckoo, the ciliegies are maturing. His cuckoo in some part and the owl, from us and the owl. Cuccu and the name of a sea fish, precious fish, not documented in Latin, but present in Greek (??????). Its cuckoo or meglio, cuccus and the bread for dogs. Cuccu and also the flower of the melograno. What does this name mean if you choose freely? We add, then, Cuccu and the name of the other scattered settlements: Cuccu Marrocco (also known as Ròto Marroco), medieval villa (villa) located in Agri of Iglesias; They belonged to the Brotherhood of Sulcis, in the Jewish kingdom of Cariari and from 1258 to the Gherardesca possession. He was spoiled by the end of the fourteenth century, the cause of the war between the Catalan kingdom Aragonese of Sardinia and the Jewish kingdom of Arborea. The other inhabited center was named after Muntcort, also called Cuccu, the historic Giovanni Francesco Fara nell'opera "in Sardiniae Corographiam", called Montis Curtei (188/24). Memorial Day Massadae, Montis Curtei, Sanctae Victoriae, Mociatni, .paese, villa (bidda) medioevale, located in the countryside of Villanova Monteleone. Appartenne to the Nurcaan Curator, in the Jewish kingdom of Towers. And documented on it only sources in 1439. Il cognome Cuccu and present negli old documents of the Sardinian language. Among the signers of Pace di Eleonora, LPDE, from 1388, figurine: Cuchu Andrea, city Ecclesiarum (Villa di Chiesa - Iglesias); Cuchu Gonario, Curchuris Town (* Curchuris.Curcuris: Partis de Montibus); Cuchu Guantinus -de Aristanni (Oristano); Cuchu Leone, vile Selluri (Seddori - Sanluri); Cuchu Petro, town of Sardara (** Burgi Castri Montis Regalis - Castello di Monreale - Sardara). Nel Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, XIth, thirteenth century, figure: Cucus Gosantine (92), coinvolted as evidence of a land claim (his padru of Sanctu Symione), from the priest Alibert ginivesu (genovese) Priory of Bonarcado.Nell Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, XIIIth century, compare: Cuccu Ianne (331), teste in a fight for serving; Ego Iuvanne Aspru, vicar and priore of Trullas, with a gift Gosantine Alfanu in Corona (tribunal) from don Saltaro Tortu in Faules pro Iusta Toroti et.Testes: .et Ianne Cuccu and tocta corona. In the history I remembered Cuccu from Giacomo (he was born to Pisa), an apostle from the diocese of Santa Giusta, nowadays, from 1340, to 1348 (Di.Sto.Sa of FC Casula). Currently, the name Cuccu is present in 332 Italian cities, of which 145 in Sardinia: Cagliari 241, Iglesias 138, Villacidro 113, Carbonia 87, San Vito 85, Quartu SE 76, Oristano 60, etc. Cuccus and present only in 8 Italian communities, of which 7 in Sardinia: Sinnai 19, Quartu 6, Cagliari 5, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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