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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cuccuru


Cuccureddu is typical of Sassarese, of Ittiri and of Alghero, Cuccuru and typically Sardinian species specific to the northwestern dell'Ostola, of Sassari, Pozzomaggiore, Alghero and Usini nel sassarese, with a small town also called Sindia nel Nuorese, Cagliari In Olbia, Cuccureddu is typical of Sassarese, of Ittiri and Alghero, and it is derived from a soprannome originated from the origins of the family from the sommeliess of a mountain, bounded by the Sardinian Sardinian vocabulary (top, cocuzzolo, colmo), espresso or directly process a hypocoromic way. Integrated by Giuseppe Concas CUCCURU; CUCCUREDDU: including, usually, the top of the mountain: the part of the mountain; opure and synonym of hill or mountain: its incident; u 'squirt / a = a cottage. Pieno but all'orlo = precaution; Carrying cases = I will take it to my head. Accountability = repay but only. The cuttlefish or its tuberculosis and also the head: a scratch or plug-in = maneuver on its head. Thoughts toponyms sardi hanno come from a "ticking" base in the meaning of monte, collects: his Cuccuru de Sennòris; Cuccuru 'e Fenugu; Cuccuru de Killlle; Cuccuru 'e Cauli; etc. etc. (Toponyms of Monte Linas - South West Sardinia). For the rest, cuccuru potrebbe derives from the Greek verb ??? (kòo), of this participle ????????? (kukuron) = luogo elevato, rialzo. The famous linguist J. Hubschmid, proposes the Basque kukur = top. Nell'antico provenzale (southern France) cuguron = le haut de la tête (the upper part of the head). We did not take risks in the last maps in which we have consulted. Nelle which compare instead comes toponym and eat a habitat center: the locality Cuccuru Nuraxi, in Agri di Settimo San Pietro, contains the remains of a natural complex and a "beautiful" little sacrum; Cuccuru and the name of a Downtown Scomparso center (villa - mezzanine, medieval, and whose remains are taken by Domus de Maria), who belonged to the Curator (or part of) of Nora, from the Jewish kingdom of Cariari (Di.Sto .So of Francesco Cesare Casula). The center inhabited and cited in "De Rebus Sardois III" by Giovanni Francesco Fara: (86/20) Franciscus Rubeus, who had oppressed Sirochi, Petrae Salis, Garabionis, Sanctae Mariae and Cuchi, Curatorie Norae. Cucur, another middle-class inhabited center in Scomparso. Appartenne la cuarrière de Taras of the Gallic kingdom of Gallura. Currently, the last name Cuccuru is present in 112 Italian municipalities, of which 49 in Sardinia: Sassari 172, Pozzomaggiore 128, Alghero 36, Usini 33, etc. Cuccureddu and present in 43 Italian communities, of which 25 in Sardinia: Sassari 101, Ittiri 29, Alghero 28, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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