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Etymological origin of Italian surname: D'argenio


Argenio and d'Argenio would seem typically Campania of Irpinia of Avellino in particular with strains also in Benevento, Naples and Mercogliano (AV), with stocks also in Puglia in Barletta (BA) and in Margherita Di Savoia and San Ferdinando Di Puglia in the Foggia area, it is well present also in Rome, Dargenio instead seems specific of Barletta (BA) and lower Foggia, should derive from the Latin name Argenius, traces of these surnames we find for example in September 1799 in a deposition in favor of such a Don Nicola D 'Argenio di Banzano farmhouse of the Regio Stato di Montoro (AV). additions provided by Francesco D'Argenio In the work "Documents for the History of the Municipalities of Irpinia" by Francesco Scandone page 114 on 14 March 1605 the Comm. Della Somm. Francescantonio d'Argenio. In the Opera "The offices of the Sforza Dominion" by Caterina Santoro - Treccani degli Alfieri Foundation on p. 290 is mentioned in the year 1465 Baldessar de Argenio with the office for the "Potestaria Mendrisii et plebis balerne". In the work "The town of Alanno (in its origins in his stories in his work) by Augusto Nini on page 74 is quoted in the year 1505 the Magnificent Benedetto de Argenio Tommaso Leccisotti in the Opera" The Latin scrolls of Taranto in the Montecassino archive "on page 10 cites for the year 1456 of November 17 the concession to the Abbot Cesare of Riccardo de Argenii of Taranto for nine years to lease the lands of the church of San Pietro Imperiale Notary Bernardo Bonamico of Taranto - Judge with contracts Francesco of Taranto The coat of arms that belongs to this ancient and noble House is preserved in the Heraldic Archive Guelfi Camaiani of the Counts Pierfrancesco and Alessandro Guelfi Camaiani, and is thus emblazoned: "D'Argento, with three roses of red ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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