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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Lampis


Specific to southern Sardinia, it should derive from the Byzantine name Eulampios, we recall the Holy martyr Eulampio killed in Nicomedia in 310, traces of this surname can be found in Sardinia in the second half of the 1500s with the sculptor Gian Pietro Lampis di Laconi. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas LAMPIS: lampu = lightning; lampare, lampai = to flash. In Greek we have lampàs (lampas) = torch or even lightning: su lampalùxi, su 'igu marras. In Latin làmpas = torch. Lampare, in Latin = to shine: from the root lamp = light. The surname has been present in Sardinia since ancient times. Among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora of 1388, there are 7 Lampis: Lampis Gadducio, ville Ecclesiarum (villa of Chiesa - Iglesias); Lampis Guingiano, villas Sellùri (Seddòri - Sanluri); Lampis Joanne, ville Ecclesiarum; Lampis Joanne, villas Sellùri; Lampis Mariano, jurato Salanis villas (destroyed village - Campitani Majoris); Lampis Pucio, ville Ecclesiarum; Lampis Saraceno, jurato ville Nurghillo (Norbello - Partis de Guilcier). In the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas * CSNT XI °, XII ° sec., We have 3 Lanpis (with the n: probably all three relatives): Gosantine, Ianne and Maria, servants in the domo de Olvesa (a town near the Sanctuary) of S. Nicola di Trullas. Currently the surname is present in 82 of the 377 Municipalities of Sardinia, with greater frequency in the Medio Campidano: Arbus 218, Cagliari 135, Guspini 111, Quartu SE 59, Carbonia 53, Serrenti 47, Villasor 43, Sanluri 35, Sassari 29, etc. In the national territory it is present in 231 Municipalities: in the continent it has greater diffusion in the central north: Rome 65, Turin 46, Genoa 27, etc. In the USA we find it in 4 States: Arizona, Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, with only one family unit.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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