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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Lampugnani


Lampugnani e tipico Lombardo, Lampugnano e rarissima ed e probabilmente dell'areale Milanese. They complained cognomi derivano dal toponimo Lampugnanus, the center of a metropolitan edge fagocitato dalla Milanese. The origin of a antiche e di la famiglia Lampugnani, the first tracce risalgono al 1000, ma e con Umbertino give to the Lampugnano, lettore di diritto di Pavia canon all'Universita dal 1395 dal 1372 al 1381 out of the Maestro from the Consigliere Generale delle entrate ducale, Tuotemerkit riferimenti storici important. Moltissimi atti notarili riportano traccia the Lampugnani Oh Give Lampugnanus, for example quest'atto come del 1108: "In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ milleximo centeximo eighth month of April, the first indiction. I Guitardus son Anselm, who was once called Give Lampugnano, state Milan, who were declared by law to live in Lombard, present present, said: 'the Lord Almighty and Redeemer lives which they created to study health is always inviting. and so will the above Guitardus want to judge or by the page for execution and the order of my violation confirm that the present day, and in an hour after my dicessum every universe is a thing the territory of my rights, reiacentes in the place and the bottom of the Rosxate, which is not a lot of good way off from the place, which is called Comacio, and in its territory impacts, established in the law and the property of the church and the cannonicam of Saint George and to have been built within the above-written the cities of Milan, to the place where it is said in the palace, thereby making their use and taking the canon and p resbiteri the revenues of these same things, or what they will with the officials of the same church, and of the seed of the land, and the leasing of the regulation and provision should be made for the reward or the salvation of my soul, as seems best to them. As according to good will. The above state action.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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