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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Lanzillotta


Lancellotta has a strain at Fornelli in the Isernia area and one at Belvedere Marittimo in the Cosenza area, Lancellotti, quite common, has a stock in the Brescia area, one in the Modena area, one in Rome, one between Naples and Salerno, and one in the Potentino at Oppido Lucano in particular , Lancerotti, almost unique, is from Padua, Lancerotto is typically Venetian, from Campolongo Maggiore in the Venetian dialect, from Verona, from Montagnana in the Padua area and from Lonigo in the Vicenza area, Lanzellotta, very rare, has an Apulian stock in Fasano in Brindisi, Lanzillotta, quite widespread, it has an Apulian stock, in Taranto and Martina Franca in the Taranto area and in the Bari area at Bitetto, Polignano a Mare, Castellana Grotte and Conversano, and a stock in the Cosenza area at Fuscaldo, San Marco Argentano, Paola, Cassano allo Ionio and Cosenza, Lanzilotta has a stock in Castellana Grotte in the Bari area, Lancellotto, Lancilotti and Lancillotti are almost unique, Lancelotti is typical of Gardone Val Trompia in the Brescia area, Lancillotta, almost unique, would seem so. entino, should all derive, also through dialectal modifications, from the French name, of Breton origin, Lancelot, name that derives from the French term ancel in turn derived from the Latin ancilla (serva) of which ancelot is a hypocoristic form which has become

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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Heraldic Search Last name: Lanzillotta

Variations Last name: Lancillotto - Lanzillotta - Lanzirotto
Nobles: Italia - Belgio (Stato Pontificio - Regno Di Sicilia)
Nobility: Principi - Baroni - Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

Variations Last name: Lancellotti - Lancillotto - Lanzarotta - Lanzillotta - Lanzillotto - Lanzirotta
Nobles: Italia (Regni Di Sicilia)
Nobility: Baroni - Nobili - Cavalieri
Language of the text: Italiano

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