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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Opizzo


Opessi and Opezzi are almost unique, and seem to be from north-western Italy, Opesso, absolutely rare, in the area between Turin and Asti, Opissi, almost unique, it would seem Tuscan, Opisso has a Genoese stock and one, still of Ligurian origin, a Carloforte in the Iglesias, Opezzo is decidedly Piedmontese, rooted in the Vercelli, Alexandrian and Turin areas, Oppizi is very rare and would seem to be Lodi, Oppizio and Oppizzi, always rare, are specific of the Sudmilano and of the Lodi, could be, for all these surnames, errors of transcription of the surname Opizzi, which is rare, but of which it is possible to estimate an origin in the area of Lodi, Piacenza, straddling the Po, or Opizzo, which, very very rare, is specific to the Savona area, should all derive from the name medieval Opizo, Opizzonis, of which we have an example of use in a Cartula venditionis of 1170 in Pavia: "Year ab incarnatione domini nostra Iesu Christi thousandth cent septuagesimo, fifth tenth kalendas a prilis, indictione tercia. Constat me Guercium, filoum quondam Opizonis Barbasirice, here professus sum ex nacione mea lege live Roman, accepisse sicute et in presentia testium accepi to you don Paciano converso et minister hospitalis quod dicitur de Betleem quod est situm foris et prope Ticinensem civitatem, in meadow Ticini ... ". Supplements provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Oppezzo is a surname sparsely present in Lombardy, especially in the western area. The surname is classified by Emidio De Felice as a variant (Piedmontese and Lombard) from the" Opizzi "lineage. It is of German derivation, dates back to an "Opizo", documented in the tenth century in the Latin form "Opitius", and was formed through adaptations on the root "audha", which indicates possession, wealth, power.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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