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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Pagnozzi


Pagnanelli is from central Italy, Pagni is typical from Tuscany, Pagno, very very rare, it is Belluno, Pagnani has several stocks, in Ravenna, in Fabriano (AN) and in frusinate, Pagnini seems to have a Pistoian and a Pesaro lineage, Pagnoni has a core in the Brescia area, in the Bolognese area, in the Pesaro area and in the Piceno area, Pagnozzi is typical of Naples and Pannarano (BN) in Benevento, Pagnozzo is practically unique, they should all derive from the modification of apheresis of medieval names such as Compagno and Boncompagno, of which we have an example in Bologna in the 12th century: "... Boncompagno from Signa, civis Bononiensis, natus est about annum 1170, obiit about annum 1240, rhetor et vir doctus Italicus ....", of the use of this contracted name we have an example in a paper from 1332 in Arezzo: "... Et scriptus per nos Pucciorinum domini Pagni de Aritio ..." and in Florence in 1432 where in the minutes of the Opera del Duomo we read about a certain Cristofano di Niccolò di Pagnozzo, ser - Florentine notary guarantor of the p opolo di S. Martino alla Palma or in the Florentine Stories of Guicciardini in December 1494: "... and so we lifted the ban on Francesco dello Scarfa gonfaloniere of justice, of being able to be accopiatore; white coin fees are no longer paid; it was ten of the most important to be able to attend the Pisa war, with the usual authority according to the orders of the city, the office of which lasted six months. Made in the parliament with no uproar, there were the other elect and twenty men who were these: Messer Domenico Bonsi, Ridolfo di Pagnozzo

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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